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How excessive can the worth of every XLM attain? $10 per XLM? $30? 50? $90?

What are your ideas about this? Feel free to go away your ideas, criticisms and normal suggestions within the description beneath.

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  1. There's roughly $300 – 400 trillion of value in the world, and XLM will be used as a bridge or currency within the financial or peer to peer space, therefore sky is the limit. JP Morgan Chase moves over $4 trillion a day, that's just one bank. The other important aspect of this that many people forget is the network, if BTC's network is too congested or expensive Stellar will benefit. Here's why, lets say BTC takes a dip in price and people want to sell but the network is too congested for the transaction to go through, you lose money due to price action and fees. Stellar's network is cheaper and faster and you plenty of assets to move your money into with Stellar. I don't think people get the full understanding of Stellar. Also remember 100 billion coins is nothing when you are targeting the world. There are 7.5 billion people in the world not including companies and etc. Out of that 100 billion we don't know how many are earmarked for partnership and how many that will be released. Another thing is XRP and XLM are the leaders in the financial institutional space with crypto, so more than likely they will split that pie up among themselves because people will trust who has been actually working with their money rather than proof of concept. The value will go up exponentially because you can't settle trillions of dollars worth of transaction $20 at a time worldwide.

  2. 75,000 XLM..
    Im hoping it goes to at least $1 dollar per coin to sell probably half and then wait to hit Bear status again;so then I could scoop up some more before the entire world jumps in….I bought them at around when they were $0.07 cents per coin…Lumens is the end game and will be the common day to day transaction for every person on the world.This is when everything gets set specially for Bitcoin will be worth a $1+ Million Dollars and we work ourselves down to other alt coins.Because there's going to be few Hodl Coins that are just going to be stored away, and others will be put to use on a day to day basis…So you'll be ahead of the game from everyone else..I looked into XRP l,but i feel there's going to be a plot twist with them since they for the most part serve the banks and we know us in the public want to get away from them or rid of them.

  3. IBM is heavily promoting Stellar Lumens in person through their reps and on their websites and in writing. Iran is shortly releasing the worlds first gold backed crypto to run on Stellar Lumens. Real real stupid not to own XLM st these early low prices. XRP cannot do biz with half the world because it’s not Sharia Law authorized. XLM/XRP are in a crypto class of their own servicing a real-world need generating real $$ revenues not empty shells like 99.9% of other cryptos.

    XLM is being designed for individual use not strictly institutional like the very limited XRP approach which also won’t be able to service half the world because it’s not going to be Sharia Law compliant. My advice is load up on XLM now. XLM burn rate will be exponentially higher then XRP once each has their customer base established. XLM already has 45 banks & 47 currencies running daily which is much more then XRP

    XLM has years of ongoing red carpet entry going forward with its IBM partnering paving the way into 4800 existing partner financial institutions worldwide already trusting IBM’s products and services

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