SO MUCH CRYPTO NEWS – LIVE! (Bitcoin, Ethereum, & More – September third, 2019)

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? https://www.coindesk.com/human-trafficking-expert-urges-us-congress-to-regulate-crypto-miners/
? https://www.vaneck.com/institutional/bitcoin-144a/faq
? https://twitter.com/jchervinsky/status/1168872583619592194
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? https://www.bklieferservice.de/
? https://exchange.bitcoin.com/
? https://simpleledger.cash/
? https://bitcoinist.com/bitfinexs-100x-leverage-derivatives-now-available/
? https://www.asiacryptotoday.com/bitmex-on-the-ropes-has-coo-angelina-kwan-quit
? https://twitter.com/RyanSAdams/status/1167545598758834176
? https://bankless.substack.com/
? https://www.placeholder.vc/blog/2019/8/31/ethereum-and-the-seven-dwarfs
? https://twitter.com/WilliamShatner/status/1168597678185275393
? https://mayermultiple.info/

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  1. There is a lot of innovation happening on EOS, soon eos 1.8 will be a game changer. It will drastically cut down the the steps on getting new accounts. Many of the eosio sister chains are upgrading their platforms to 1.8 and soon to eosio 2.0 software

  2. 00:13 Introduction
    00:59 Market Cap Overview
    01:47 PlanB: Bitcoin Bull Markets Start at Difficulty ATL
    03:26 Ethereum POS Effect on Price
    09:08 Ether Breaking Out of Falling Wedge
    09:32 Human-Trafficking Expert Urges US Congress to Regulate Miners
    12:24 VanEck SolidX Bitcoin Trust 144A Shares
    17:05 Cryptotwitter
    20:03 Germany Burger King Accepts Bitcoin
    21:24 Bitcoin.com Exchange
    24:24 Bitfinex's 100X Leverage Derivatives Now Available
    25:28 BitMEX COO Angelina Kwan Quit?
    27:51 Ryan Sean Adams: Stop Getting Duped
    29:11 Interest is the Killer App
    33:23 Tax Shelter Your Crypto in an IRA
    36:15 Ethereum and The Seven Dwarfs
    43:47 William Shatner and Mike Hanson on Ethereum
    44:56 Quote of the Day / Conclusion / Mayer Multiple

  3. As always thanks again for the news update. Glad I don't have to spend my time reading news when I can hear it from you. Especially when you work 14 hrs a day. Thanks Omar.

  4. Omar, when you are just reading articles copy/pasted from one single source, which comes from the deep state, which is full of propaganda, you are not informing anyone, you are only being a useful idiot and repeating that propaganda and in effect misinforming others… you are part of the problem, not a solution. Bitcoin is a SYSTEM, not a coin, it is a SYSTEM which is meant to work as per the Bitcoin white paper… Bitcoin is BSV and not BTC… so stop being a useful idiot, will ya?

    PS: if you want to say that stupid narrative that "market doesn't agree with with me", I can tell you that "the market" is full of clueless people, some outright idiots, and those "though leaders" and "experts" are outright frauds, scammers, charlatans…. pick whatever label you want, its the same thing. They are LIARS… and you are repeating their lies.

  5. These days the only project I care about is EOS. I am writing an application for it allowing for artificial intelligence to trade on EOS Dex's. The token name is yet to be determined, I was thinking the token model will just burn tokens in exchange for bot services on EOS dex's. I might look at Ethereum too if they start having decent dex's. But right now EOS is the only project I care about and it seems people are really discounting it for ideological reasons rather than practical.

  6. I saw an article on LTC that after its halvening 30% of the miners quit. I'm not sure halvenings are always a good thing for a network. The price is not automatically going to adjust to double the price for the miners.

  7. When Cardano is out this year – ETH looks like a kids toy.
    Worlds best developers are still not in our space, because a programming language like Solidity sucks for them.
    Plutos will change it.

  8. 😂😂😂 Is anyone ever curious about development news. I don’t see how price change would make a difference. The price goes up and down big deal. If these coins aren’t being utilized, the only value it has is the hype. The crypto know it alls will eventually exhaust themselves when irrelevant content to talk about is repeated over and over.

  9. 21:24 It looks like USA citizens cannot participate in the bitcoin.com exchange promotion.

    "Anyone located in or resident of the United States of America, Japan or any other jurisdiction where the services offered by Bitcoin.com Exchange are prohibited from participating in the Promotion. Residents of any other restricted or sanctioned jurisdiction is prohibited from the Promotion. (Refer to restrictions list per the Bitcoin.com Exchange policies)."

  10. $ETH is getting more awesomer by the day! ETH and the Seven Dwarfs–what an interesting evaluation. All these new interoperable bridging mechanisms are also seeking $ETH as their foundations because of the spirit of collaboration in the Ethereum space. Demand growing, devs busy, "The Flippening" expected.
    "Buy right and sit tight." –Jesse Livermore, "Worlds Greatest Stock Trader," 1877-1940

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