SHOCKING BITCOIN DATA!!! This Is Why The Bitcoin Price Isnt Going Up…!

Institutional traders are closely accumulating Bitcoin however the Bitcoin value on spot exchanges will not be reflecting the excessive OTC demand in any respect. But what will occur as quickly as Bitcoin miners cannot cowl the OTC demand anymore?

00:00 Intro

00:30 Institutional Demand for Bitcoin

02:07 Greyscale Bitcoin Trust History

04:23 Slippage Explained

05:23 Bitcoin Mining Supply

08:13 How many Bitcoin can be found in 2020?

09:26 Shocking Conclusion

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SHOCKING BITCOIN DATA!!! This Is Why The Bitcoin Price Isnt Going Up...!

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  1. Bitcoin is the future, Investing in it now will be the wisest thing to do especially with the current rise

  2. i never knew bitcoin mining could be this lucrative until i invested with kyle.hackss on Ig, there is not a doubt now of his huge profit making abilities

  3. i never knew bitcoin mining could be this lucrative until i invested with kyle.hackss on Ig, there is not a doubt now of his huge profit making abilities

  4. Bitcoin is on its way patience is key. Supply and demand there are only so many Bitcoin this time next year everyone will be taking Bitcoin

  5. good invest strategie they buy from miners so they cant dump the market and the hold the price stable so far to pump it on day

  6. This is very worrisome. If the price of bitcoin were to increase then these institutions can just dump large amounts of bitcoin to flood the market, collect insane profits, crash the price of bitcoin, and damaging bitcoin’s “stored value” promise which is based on trust which will cause it to struggle to gain adoption.

  7. Sucks to have bitcoin when there’s so many stupid projects taking up all the investments . If it wasn’t for all these dumb ass projects . Bitcoin would be 1-5 million by now

  8. first i thought "that accent is kinda strange". then i realized that i know that one. en typische schwiizer.

  9. It was so good walking with this broker and he was so much good and expect in just 8days investing on 5k and make a profit of 35k wow am still trying to make another investment and am still thinking where he got his analysis

  10. Grayscale may not directly effect the price. But they do drive up the demand. So they are actually driving up the price.

  11. Grayscale is a passive investment vehicle (NYSE:GBTC). Seriously, this is not breaking news – the reason they've accumulated so much more Bitcoin is because they're passive. Passive entitles inflows from the stock market (average investors, retail, and more) to buy in, and when there's a price discrepancy, to increase their Bitcoin holdings. The only reason the amount of Bitcoin is disproportionately larger in growth than the market cap is because of BTC's changing price. This is not groundbreaking stuff, and has nothing to do with the title of the video. GBTC is quite literally just an intermediary/holder for investors that don't want to hold themselves, who just wish to participate in the assets price. Even said the pure driver of the price at 7:00.

    The theories are intelligent and I'm sure you re also, but the casing of obsessively hyping an asset heavily discounts and confuses the reasoning for pushing these ideas.

  12. Imagine all the idiots thinking Grayscale will sell BTC for less than 100K. Grayscale BTC trust owners who are real time investors will not sell for cheap like the retarded sheep think here.

  13. Bitcoin is rising and investors are making good profit but it is never too late to invest in crypto market

  14. Yes keep buying up all that bitcoin. Won’t matter when it’s already been replaced and people don’t know it yet. The FDIC and NCUA already use this technology and it’s not bitcoin or ripple like most think. Major defense contractors are using it and major tech giants are now using it with more coming on board. When people realize what it is it will be to late. Bitcoin may be high right now but not for long. I own a lot of bitcoin held it since 2010, but this new tech makes bitcoin look like new born.

  15. What about whales selling OTC? There are two sources of sell pressure…miners selling and hodlers selling. The megawhales…the people with tens or hundreds of thousands of BTC could be selling some to the Grayscale types out there.

  16. SEC can make an exclusive order forcing greyscale to professionally dump bitcoin when the FED request right?

  17. Bitcoin really change my life thanks to Mr Scotfield for showing me the way, I was able to put my kids in better school with the high profit I got from investing with him..

  18. If you do your homework and follow grayscale path of lawyers and investors, it leads to US Lawyers that protect US and Non US governments… It's obvious the government had is at play to control the market of BTC and use BTC for funds without causing world debt and deflation to the US dollar… This sucks for the future of BTC

  19. I myself have accumulated 2.5 BTC
    I'm just a blue collar guy in construction and have no financial degree. The only faith I have is in a currency than can not be inflated in a whim. Whether it was designed by a person or people with good intentions, or the CIA for rich people to transition from when currency to the next, all roads lead to bitcoin

  20. I see a several posts in here about what would happen if Grayscale sold all their bitcoin. AFAIK, they can't, because they don't have a redemption program. Investors come to Grayscale to purchase shares of GBTC. Grayscale then buys the bitcoin, creates the GBTC shares, and sell them to investors. After six months, because of an SEC rule for restricted securities, the investors are free to sell those shares on a secondary market to other investors. 

    So if I understand I correctly, GBTC is like a roach motel for bitcoin. You can check in, but you can't check out. Basically it's a exchange where you can't withdraw your holdings. So just like bitcoin is being held on Coinbase and being traded there, bitcoin is held in GBTC and traded on the stock market instead. For the price, I don't think it matters if the bitcoin is on Coinbase or in GBTC. It's traded just the same. If more people prefer to have GBTC shares rather than real bitcoin, a lot more bitcoin could end up being locked up in GBTC. From an investment point of view, I imagine this doesn't matter. But every bitcoin that is locked up in GBTC can not be used for transactions on the network anymore. But since BTC doesn't want to be peer-to-peer cash these days anyway, for digital gold, I guess it doesn't matter much.

  21. Wow fomo ,greyscale welldone and let all catch a wake up Fiat is history and Crypto is here to stay

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