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?6 Trillion USD bailout introduced for the usgovernment

?Government is making an attempt to assault

?Javascript library is launched by Vin Armani

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?Charlie Lee is refusing to speak to Roger

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Bitcoin is without doubt one of the most transformative applied sciences because the invention of the Internet. stands firmly in help of monetary freedom and the freedom that Bitcoin offers for anybody to voluntarily take part in a permissionless and decentralized community that empowers individuals to not be marginalized by governments and monetary establishments. Bitcoin is freedom.

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Send Encrypted Files Or Messages Directly To Bitcoin Cash Addresses!  New Cash Shuffle Privacy Tool!

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  1. Corona Virus is a Hoax – slight of hand controlled demolition of the world economy (which was bound to collapse very soon anyway) to usher in something new and mandatory vaccines and blame a phony virus rather than the central banking criminal cabal.

  2. So LTC Lee is just another scammer who was only interested in dumping his coins at ATH? No surprise there… have you ever seen LTC “development” other than forking off Bitcoin😅😁

  3. Totally agree, and the tests for CV19 cant isolate for that specifically, its just for the general group of viruses. Almost everyone on the planet has CV virus at some level in their body. The other failure is you need to know the load factor of the virus. The load factor tells you if the virus is active in you or under control. So the tests are useless. Celebrities having CV19 only tested positive for some minute amount of non specific Corona virus. Lets ger back to normal and kick these scum politicians into jail.

  4. Hey Roger, Keep up the great work. Would love to see more people back on the show. Do you have any plans to get some big names on the show? Vitalik, Andreas, maybe get Vin on the show to talk about the java release.

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