Self-DELETED Monero Botnet Drops Network DIFFICULTY?

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  1. I think it’s really cool that they’re going To a CPU friendly algorithm now I’m just kind of wondering if running your CPU that hard all the time will it burn out faster than a GPU

  2. Don't see RandomX helping these bot situations in the least. Probably make the botnets even worse, as bots hijack CPU cycles, which is that algo's raison d'etre, not GPU cycles. Most people with Windows 10 machines run 8G of RAM, and maybe they are using 1-2G at any point in time to run their programs. Maybe some power users with a bunch of multitasking will get up to 6-8G, but those folks are likely to have 16G of RAM. What I have read is that RandomX is going to need 2-3G of RAM and another 2M of CPU cache per core. So the bots are likely to have plenty of RAM to work with, as long as there is a reasonably modern CPU. It's only a matter of time before the botnets are back up and running.

  3. And I tried LOKIs RandomX version a couple weekends ago. My Vegas couldn't even get up to 1100H/s. I was hoping that my Ryzen 1600 was going to show me some love. I mined 8 of 12 cores and was getting 250-260H/s under CryptonightR. I mined all 12 cores under RandomXL and got 300. Call me unimpressed. I feel sorry for the suckers that are out there wasting their money on Ryzens and old EPYC server boards. They are going to get slaughtered. Especially when the devs jump ship to SHA-256.

  4. WHAT really maters now is the RandomX!!! if they really fork and kick the GPUs I will sell my moneros RIGHT AWAY, they will have the same problem as ETN and not getting enough hashpower or fluctuate which means


  5. I was a little put off when I first heard about this. The French copied their server so dormant computers will be unaffected when powered on. As to Random X: When in Rome… 128 cores of profit.

  6. You can hide ram usage with couple lines of code: If taskmgr(or any other manager from the list) exist – kill miner, then restart it after taskmgr closes lol they were already doing it to hide cpu usage.
    at least we get rid of web mining 😉

  7. looks like a purpose built Monero CPU miner with R9 3900x would be about $1K to build. Current hash rates and all with 9cents Kwh is about $1500 profit a year. seems ROI is great!! not sure many would build a system around a $6500 CPU

  8. Code is pretty easy for me to understand what its doing. If you want to know you are infected,just look for a folder named "dreamer" on your C drive,thats the path the shellexecute() function which is responsible for executing system commands is been instructed to call the command prompt. The command prompt(cmd) is then given this command to navigate to "C:dreamer" and execute some .EXE file.

    You might also wanna look into the C:dreamerdatadreamer.txt ………….i believe that txt file might hold some interesting information like

    1)valid commands
    2)login details
    3)ip address => you might wanna block those ip addresses on your network

    NOTE This files are HIDDEN,you must change a setting to expose all hidden files!

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