RX 5700 XT – Mining Monero

Sharing outcomes mining Monero on my RX 5700 XT Anniversary Edition. Going over Hashrates, Overclocks, and Power Draw.
Stats Below:

Miner: XMR-Stak 2.10.7

Stock Settings – 1 Thread
Average h/s
GPU Only ? 185W

Stock Settings – 2 Thread
Average 1107.1 h/s
GPU Only ? 210W

Best Efficiency & Max Hashrates
Average 1117.four h/s
GPU Only ? 110W

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  1. Hi, thank for the video. Complete newb question here… how do you open a 2nd thread?

    PS: I'm getting 50MH/s on Ethereum with the cheapest RX5700 GPU model using Phoenix Miner 4.2

  2. I still see Ethereum being a better choice for mining with these cards (for now.) Even with my crazy high electric rate of $0.15/kWh I'm still making $2/day with three cards before cost of electric and about $0.80/day after mining ETH. For XMR I'm making about $0.97/day and -$0.21/day after electric.
    Thanks for the video.

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