Roger Ver Wins Lawsuit Against Craig Wright, and far more!

Watch the newest Weekly News Show with Roger Ver. We check out the lawsuit in opposition to Craig Wright, the SLP Foundation’s launch, and Coinbase releasing instruments to assist BCH ecosystem.

0:20 – Craig Wright Submits List of Bitcoin Addresses to the Court
0:46 – Craig Wright Loses Lawsuit Against Roger Ver within the UK
2:34 – Liberty.Crayons.’s tweet on BTC charges
4:20 – “ should offer an email service to accept Bitcoin Cash”
4:42 – Send BCH to any e mail deal with by way of
5:31 – Pay with crypto at a merchandising machine in Hong Kong
7:36 – There is now greater than Four occasions as many Bitcoin being transacted on Ethereum than on the Lightning Network
8:20 – The SLP Foundation pronounces their launch
9:02 – launches new web site
9:15 – Coinbase releases instruments to assist BCH ecosystem
10:26 – Spread Bitcoin Cash adoption on this planet

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Craig Wright Submits List of Bitcoin Addresses to the Court:

Craig Wright’s Fraudulent Tulip Trust List is now public:

UK Judge Strikes Out Craig Wright’s Libel Lawsuit Against Roger Ver:

Liberty.Crayons.’s publish on BTC charges on Twitter:

David Bond’s unique tweet:

Pay with cryptocurrency at successful machine in Hong Kong: (video)

Meet the SLP Foundation: A Nonprofit Aimed at Fostering a Healthy Environment for SLP Growth and Innovation:

Visit the model new web site:

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  1. Covid1984 still had you all beat by a long shot. Best alt crypto coin around. Market cap in the trillions.

  2. Hi sir I am vijay my Bitcoin balance is empty please help me sir I was face big problem please reply me you send Bitcoin it is save my life

  3. Apple never had to bash on Samsung to earn their reputation. A good product is all you need. All of this name calling and trashing talking on your competition just makes BCH look desperate. Just focus on the tech. The people will decide if it brings value or not.

  4. I wish Roger could go on Max Kaiser's show to discuss this. Something tells me, though, this will never happen.

  5. Bitcoin unconfirmed for four days??????? Oh no!!!! I’m not sure why this is a problem, but this Bipolar convicted criminal says I should be angry about it, so I am, because I can’t think for my self!!!!

  6. Congrats roger but let's not forget you are almost as big of a liar and a fraud as craig and most of what you've said in this video ranges from disingenuous to just a plain lie

  7. One Scammer wins money from another Scammer. Who cares. If Roger Ver hadn't tried to hijack BTC for his own gains we would be years ahead in price.

  8. Unless Bitcoin (core) is not ment as a payment system, and Roger Ver doesn`t like you to realize that…

  9. Roger if you want to quote the signed message don't just ignore the part "change a constant in the code" he is saying just simply changing the block size is not enough for scaling.

  10. keep it up roger, BCH will come stronger than ever from all this drama, excited to see the roadmap developments!

  11. Great Video!, Instead of going to monthly videos maybe get some of the team back.. Corbin & guests etc. Keep fighting the good fight Roger ✊

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