Roger Ver: WHY BITCOIN CASH Will WIN The Hard FORK In November PLUS Why Tim Draper Supports BCH

Roger Ver: WHY BITCOIN CASH Will WIN the Hard FORK in November PLUS Tim Draper Supports BCH

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Roger Ver: WHY BITCOIN CASH Will WIN The Hard FORK In November PLUS Why Tim Draper Supports BCH

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  1. Im sticking with BCH and also buying more before the melee…BCH will come out on top and surpass every ones expectations..

  2. Hi…which wallets or/and exchanges are supporting that fork? What should I do know since Ledger does not support that fork?

  3. If you own BCH already– you'll be getting a free coin. Yes, the hash war will drag the market down but afterwards… maybe it the 2nd coin will stick around like BSV. I don't even believe in BSV but look how's it's stuck around. This 2nd BCH will be more like the original BCH… fast and efficient. They will be both excellent coins after the hash war I imagine.

  4. haven't found 1 reason to own BCH, unless you like to lose money. lol hey guys its 2020, nobody cares about FORKS. haha.. pull your head out of the sand and look around.

  5. Hasn't this Bitcoin Cash charade gone on long enough? Now we're talking about the fork of a fork, of another fork… Meanwhile there's still a competing fork of a fork camp splitting everyone up even more. Hopefully this is the last consolidation of the chain and it will include none of the previous implementations to centralize the chain.

  6. So basically, you get a free airdrop

    Hash power will NOT be split evenly between 2 coins, it will be drawn from the global mining pool.

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