Roger Ver Talks About The Financial Crisis, Govts, & Crypto – Features

Watch Roger’s hearth chat on the financial and political results of the present disaster, why “price is a form of communication”, and the scenario of cryptocurrencies in the course of the disaster.

All credit go to Rice Crypto:


04:15 – Did the virus simply pop the bubble previous to the upcoming monetary disaster?

09:34 – Inflation of Yen

12:01 – Do you see the potential of hyperinflation that can hit the USD?

14:15 – Rice on his imaginative and prescient and ideas concerning the virus

17:55 – Roger’s ideas on the virus: Trust or naivety, self-isolation, and violence

21:33 – Thoughts about cash printing

23:50 – Will we run out of meals and different on a regular basis items from the dearth of the market?

26:21 – Roger: “Price is a form of communication”

26:47 – Why value change is sweet for the market

31:48 – Panic shopping for when costs are excessive

34:22 – Do you see cryptocurrencies performing as a protected haven in the course of the disaster?

36:19 – Using Bitcoin as a retailer of worth

39:07 – Do you see different cryptocurrencies as a protected haven asset?

40:33 – Book suggestion

41:55 – Get BCH items from

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Roger Ver Talks About The Financial Crisis, Govts, & Crypto - Features

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  1. Rice crypto, no disrespect, I'd strongly encourage you, when interviewing other to stick to short good questions and let the guest speak (I'm assuming you have more talking time then Roger here) that was a little frustrating, otherwise keep on the good work brother (tried sharing constructive criticism to improve your game).

  2. Smart things said by Roger:
    1) The government has done a horrible job during ordinary period, why would that change during an extraordinary one?
    2) If money was wealth then we all would be rich if we printed money for everyone.
    3) The government imposing the isolation. Nobody should force you to stay at home.
    And a few more. Nice discussion.

  3. In regard to being killed for disobeying the quarantine and/or curfew related to the Wuhan Flu this has happened. A week or so ago an 8:00 PM curfew (modified to 5:00 PM now from what I read) enforced in a country located on the Caribbean saw a young man killed (shot in the back) after he jumped out of the back of a police pickup truck. He (and others) were rounded up during a police patrol for curfew violators.

  4. And we all know it was Blockstream (owned by the bankers) who ruined BTC adoption and played the whole "store-of-value" scam story to divide the crypto-community. Go BCH.

  5. Using BCH just saved me 15 percent. Roger suggested for Amazon purchases…I saved over the current value of 1 BCH doing this….I am winning with BCH…thank you Roger!

  6. I think Bitcoin cash as BCH is the worst financial crisis in the world by loosing 20 times his value since december 2017….stay away from this BCH scam….imagine if you have invested 100 000 usd in 2017 today you will have only 5 000 usd in your portfolio and you will be ruined…..don't listen this fool Roger ver…he will stole your money by selling all the BCH to pay the miners fee…..numbers don't lie….even chinese bank give you a better interest at 4% a year guarantee without any loss……

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