Roger Ver: Prison Made A Bitcoin Believer

In a Cointelegraph unique interview, Roger Ver bears all of it ? how his jail expertise made him see Bitcoin’s potential, why Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is better than Bitcoin (BTC), and why Bitcoin Cash will refer to 1,00zero instances.


Most of the crypto neighborhood is aware of that, in his youth, Roger Ver had run-ins with the regulation; actually, he was sentenced to 10 months for promoting explosives on eBay.

However, not many know that this expertise not alone supplied Ver with ample time for poring over, but additionally allowed him to look at how in a intently managed setting, “commodities” like tobacco, stamps, and noodles turn into mediums of trade:

“So when I saw the prison economy you bet people were buying and marketing matters you bet matters just naturally became used as money in prison, it valid what I had read about in possibility in the economic science books as to what the origin of money was.”

BCH will go up in worth 1,00zero instances

Ver is unabashedly optimistic concerning the prospects of BCH: “Bitcoin Cash could possibly go up 500 or a 1000 multiplication from where it is today. I don’t think BTC is ever going to go up.” Ver believes that Bitcoin “committed economic suicide” when it refaccustomed extend its block dimension. He additionally claims, pointing to Bitcoin:

“There’s nomatter that can ever be used as a store of value that doesn’t have a secondary use case. It just plain doesn’t exist in the entire world. I don’t think anybody can think of an plus that’s only use case as a store value. It doesn’t exist.”

If you wish to know why Roger Ver was acknowledged as “The Dangerous One” in jail, watch the complete interview.

“The Dangerous One”

In Jail, Ver’s nickname was “El Peligroso” which interprets as “The Dangerous One”… However, this wasn’t a testomony to how badass Ver was, notwithstandin extra of an caustic remark – “I just stayed in my bed all day every day reading books, and I hardly left my bunk at all.”

[00:01:09-00:01:15] When Bitcoin got here alongside, I believed, oh, I higher promote my Lamborghini to purchase extra Bitcoin. And that is precisely what I did. I went the reverse course.

[00:03:19-00:03:26] So earlier than I went to jail, I’d spent a mint of time learning economic science books since importantly the origin of cash and the way one matter comes for use as cash.

[00:03:39-00:03:53] In jail, everyone is utilizing tobacco as cash as a result of you’ll be able to smoke it. They’re utilizing high ramen soups as cash as a result of you’ll be able to eat it, utilizing stamp stamps as cash, as a result of you’ll be able to mail issues with it. All of this stuff have these further use instances exterior of simply being a retail merchant of worth.

[00:03:53-00:04:05] So after I detected the jail economy and the way individuals had been shopping for and promoting issues and the way issues simply naturally turned used as cash jail, it valid what I had examine in possibility inside the economic science books as to what the origin of cash was.

[00:04:57-00:05:18] Yeah, lots of people do not realize it, fortunately, as a result of they’ve not by a blame sigh been to jail. But in jail, there’s simply this huge inside jail economy the place persons are doing somematter and every part to earn cash and serve their fellow males. So every part from cookery for one another, doing one another’s laundry, shining sneakers, you realize, even harlotry companies like somematter and every part is happening.

[00:06:47-00:07:15] Yeah. So for people who do not communicate Spanish, my nickname in jail was El Peligroso, which implies “The Dangerous One”. But it was simply extra of a joke than somematter, as a result of all I did on a regular basis in jail is I as soon as I discovered how issues work, I accustomed be capable of pay any individual else to do my job throughout the jail. And I simply stayed in my mattress all day on a regular basis poring over books, and I hardly left my bunk mattress in any respect. I simply stayed in mattress poring over books all day, day-after-day. So it was only a joke as a result of at that time I all told chance weighed mayhap 120 kilos or one matter like that.

[00:09:48-00:09:54] Bitcoin Cash proper now, at the moment is the second most used cryptocurrency in your complete world behind alone the BTC model of Bitcoin.

[00:10:04-00:10:11] Bitcoin Cash may probably go up 500 or a 1000 instances from the place it’s at the moment. I do not assume BTC is ever going to go up.

Fusion is superb. If individuals have not seemed on the money fusion but, it is implausible. It’s going to make bitcoin money simply as non-public in the identical ballpark of privateness degree as one matter like a Monaro or Z money.

Bitcoin money has extra utility in commerce than bitcoin, and I believe the day will come when the value will mirror that as a result of bitcoin money value will probably be bigger than the BTC model of bitcoin value.

I do not assume that that is a a wild factor to say. I believe that that is that is the long run. Because when bitcoin restricted its block area, it restricted its utility, its commerce, its restricted censorship resistance, it restricted its skill to be adopted by individuals all over the world. It mainly dedicated commercial enterprise suicide or first mover benefit suicide and for me is likely one of the largest holders of bitcoin in your complete world and the owner of bitcoin dot com.

There’s nomatter that may ever be used as a retail merchant of worth that does not have a secondary use case. It simply plain would not exist in your complete world. I do not assume anyone can consider an plus that is alone use case as a retail merchant worth. It would not exist.

Roger Ver: Prison Made A Bitcoin Believer

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