Roger Ver Interview: Some Bitcoin Cash Maximalists Dont Need You To Listen To This Message

Watch the most recent interview with Roger Ver on BTC, BCH, and BSV, how the longer term appears to be like, adoption, and way more!

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Roger Ver Interview: Some Bitcoin Cash Maximalists Dont Need You To Listen To This Message

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  1. ►Timestamps:
    0:11 – Introduction, Roger wanted to participate in the show
    2:43 – When was the first time we met? The importance of the Foundation of Economic Education (FEE)
    6:17 – Free market, BSV's Craig Wright's rhetoric, What is your take on BSV compared to BCH technically?
    10:30 – Why haven't you retired yet, Roger? What keeps you going after 9 years? post: ‘Why do we support BSV?’ –
    13:04 – Roger: Do we give up on BCH or do we fight that war again?
    16:49 – The truth behind the Thai meeting
    20:51 – Calling everyone in crypto criminals, liars, scammers
    21:26 – "Roger, have you considered sitting down with Craig and Calvin and hashing the stuff out and debating it?"
    22:58 – Would you be open to discussing it with anybody else from the BSV community?
    23:18 – What was the game plan?
    24:06 – Thoughts on BSV mining 300 MB block
    27:31 – It made mining unfair, BCH is an intermediate blockchain, BSV is not concerned about safety
    28:51 – The technical arguments from the BCH philosophy were actually wrong across scaling
    29:52 – Thoughts on Roger being banned from BSV threads on Reddit
    35:40 – Good news about BCH
    37:57 – How would you describe yourself? Anarcho-capitalist or voluntarist?
    38:12 – Thoughts on what we share in common
    40:30 – Two possible statements: BCH vs. BSV; eg: What chance do these two cryptocurrencies have to bring more economic freedom to the world?
    44:36 – Deryk takes a look back on the history of Bitcoin
    46:44 – Big difference in tools: CashFusion
    49:39 – If you had a choice between a new digital currency that…
    50:56 – Deryck's thoughts on bridging the gap, and economic freedom
    53:22 – Steve's approach to building the Bitcoin economy
    54:32 – To make freedom possible we need to skirt the boundaries of laws
    56:57 – BSV approach vs. BCH approach on adoption strategy
    1:00:31 – What if Bitcoin would have just raised its block size?
    1:06:26 – Breaking Bitcoin in 2013
    1:10:08 – Roger, did you ever communicate with Satoshi?
    1:10:24 – Roger bought the domain name of
    1:11:05 – How are you not walking around being super paranoid?
    1:12:25 – On BTC people: Greg Max, Adam Back
    1:15:43 – Thoughts on things that could have been done differently: Bitcoin Classic, Bitcoin XT, Hong Kong agreement, New York agreement, fork to BCH, etc.
    1:18:14 – Opinion on the decision making of the Chinese miners
    1:20:39 – Adam Back's signature
    1:21:16 – What happened to during the scaling civil war?
    1:24:21 – A big advantage that Bitcoin Cash has today
    1:25:44 – Positives of Bitcoin in 2020
    1:28:00 – What are the winning scenarios in the next 5-10-years? Laughing at an awkward interview only hardcore fans would know
    1:31:03 – How does BCH succeed? An analogy between BSV and BCH
    1:34:46 – Create tokens at
    1:35:52 – Who is Carl Watner?
    1:38:06 – What could be fixed to make you interested in BCH rather than some other coin?
    1:49:04 – Do you think it matters who Satoshi is?
    1:51:56 – Is there anyone that you suspect to have a greater than 50% probability of being Satoshi?
    1:56:11 – Final words

  2. Why is Roger attacked so much, hes acually really nice guy with some valid points. I think BTC lost a huge asset when BCH was created.

  3. I invested money with Roger, and it was a scam….hidden fees to get money from empressearn investments and never ending to send money to get money and never in the end getting my money

  4. Alot people dont want to here this all this talk about satoshi minning bitcoin he never mined bitcoin he assigned him self one million bitcoin out of the 21 million

  5. So the problem with SV is not with the blockchain itself but Calvin, CSW and some SV reddit run by random guys. Got it.

  6. Honestly I never took Craig Wright seriously. I watched his content for about 30 mins when he first started trending and I knew there was something 100% not right about him. Just my gut and I have no proof. But just thought I’d throw in my 0.02 for what it’s worth.
    I hope BCH grows but I think XMR is the true bitcoin and it will be adopted widely 2-10 years from now.

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  10. USD is the most black-market currency ever. So the arguments of crypto (such as BCH) not being able to simultaneously be both, holds no water whatsoever.

  11. If people don’t want me to hear something, it might be better to respect their wishes/ privacy……. just reacting to the title

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