Roger Ver Interview: My Crypto Portfolio; Bitcoin Bullrun; Will Bitcoin Be #1 Crypto In 10 Years?

Watch Roger Vers model new interview with Colin Talks Crypto in regards to the upcoming BTC bull run price predictions; opinion on Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Ripple; and see all cash from Rogers crypto portfolio!

All credit go to Colin Talks Crypto:

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Twitter: (@ColinTCrypto)


00:23 – Colins Introduction + BTC transaction charges prediction

01:43 – Roger talks about his lockdown days in Saint Kitts; Colins life in Puerto Rico

03:03 – Renouncing US Citizenship & Taxes Funding War Machines

04:25 – Puerto Rico vs. Saint Kitts tax havens

05:56 – Saint Kitts BCH Merchants

06:21 – is saved from closing

06:34 – Upcoming Bitcoin Bull Run Transaction Fee Predictions

07:32 – $1000 BTC transaction charges (over 28,00zero situations)

09:17 – $100 BTC transaction charges (over 300,00zero situations)

09:39 – Roger’s prediction on common Bitcoin transaction charges sooner or later

10:07 – BTC has been slower than mailing bodily gold

11:33 – Bitcoin Core builders need charges to be excessive

12:43 – Bitcoin Censorship and Totalitarian Rule

14:50 – Bitcoin devs need to rewrite the whitepaper

16:09 – Why do BTC builders need excessive charges? Importance of low-cost & quick person expertise

19:55 – Merchants left Bitcoin resulting from excessive charges & gradual transactions

20:17 – Deep state infiltration of BTC & Bitcoin dominated as property as a substitute of money

21:42 – Will BTC be the #1 crypto in 5-10 years?

22:16 – Roger’s current BTC transaction bought caught; he paid with BCH to course of it for a Bitcoin Mining Pool

23:00 – Roger’s expertise with Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Ripple transactions

23:34 – Opinion on the Wallet & Trust Wallet

25:38 – Colin’s prediction

26:31 – What is the standing with the Miner Donation Fund for Developers?

28:27 – New BCH Developments coming quickly: Cash Fusion Privacy Today!

32:44 – All non-privacy cash have a historical past

33:43 – Try Cash Fusion Privacy Today on Desktop:

34:03 – Rogers Crypto Portfolio

35:29 – A cryptocurrencys utility is the important thing to its worth

36:00 – New options (BTC to BCH Swap, New $10,00zero day by day purchase restrict, Merchants, Buy Flights with BCH)

38:22 – Final phrases: Think for Yourself


$55 common price in Dec 2019:

BTC Transactions which have paid over $100 price:,output_count(2..),fee_usd(100..)&s=fee_usd(desc)#

BTC Transactions which have paid over $1,00zero price:,output_count(2..),fee_usd(1000..)&s=fee_usd(desc)#

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Roger Ver Interview: My Crypto Portfolio; Bitcoin Bullrun; Will Bitcoin Be #1 Crypto In 10 Years?

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  1. Fees are way too high for commerce use. How ridiculous to suggest handing over your credit card and uploading money to someone else's app.

    XRP or something else will need to take BCH's place.

  2. Agree re America. Horrid country and government. So many homeless on the streets in America. Terrible divide between rich and poor.

  3. Roger Ver makes sense and speaks the truth. He is has always wanted bitcoin to succeed…hence why he supports bitcoincash

  4. Wouldn’t you have been better to have used RBF on that stuck BTC tx? I prefer BCH, but I am scared to send BTC without opting in to Replace by Fee, just in case.

  5. Thanks for watching this interview! It was great to have Roger as a guest. He’s a great asset to the crypto community.

  6. Why do you need to tell about pseudo forecasts and deceive people? They lose money because of you! Read better about RJV12

  7. Coming from a BCH supporter: The dynamic of the interviewer completely agreeing with everything that the interviewee says, and even trying to add to it does not create a fruitful environment. The interviewee is given the chance to shine when asked difficult questions, not when the interviewer just plays ball.

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