Roger Ver Interview: All The Latest Bitcoin.com Updates, And Opinion On The Present Financial Disaster

Watch Roger’s interview about all the most recent Bitcoin.com updates; plus, extra on the BTC Halvening, and the present business disaster.

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Roger Ver Talks About The Financial Crisis, Govts, & Crypto – Bitcoin.com Features:


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0:40 – What occurred final time?

1:21 – What do you figure from the BTC Halvening?

3:19 – More privateness on the BCH community: Cash Shuffle and CashFusion

5:03 – Will CashFusion be an automatic function inside the Wallet?

5:17 – Tether Launches Stablecoin Token on Bitcoin Cash by way of Simple Ledger Protocol

5:57 – Do you figure to face regulation points relating to integration CashFusion to the Bitcoin.com Wallet?

7:08 – Money, fungibility, cryptocurrencies

7:59 – Creating instruments delivery extra business exemption to your complete world

9:29 – Are SLP tokens just like Colored Coins again on the Bitcoin blockchain?

9:43 – Roger explains the historical past and the unique aim of tokens

10:47 – Is SLP like Colored Coins?

11:30 – Using the Bitcoin.com Wallet is simple

12:02 – You can now purchase bodily objects at native.bitcoin.com

14:08 – Shoutout to Ross Ulbricht

15:31 – Are there any new developments you figure for the remainder of the 12 months?

16:12 – How to purchase BCH with no bank card, and no markup price

17:15 – Where can we get new details about the updates?

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19:05 – Roger’s ideas on the present business state of affairs

20:59 – Quote from John McAfee

21:33 – Roger’s view on the state of affairs

22:51 – Rice Crypto: “Plant more seeds, water more seeds, stay positive!”

24:42 – Roger’s ultimate ideas

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  2. BCH needs to develop something like uniswap for its blockchain. This would create an instant market for its slp tokens.

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  4. 7:21 actually, BTC has mixers, BCH has coin mixers, and ETH has coin mixers too. For ETH it's called tornado Cash. Look it up. They are all about equal if they are all using the mixer.

    Monero is still the best….

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  6. since sports is shut down im learning about crypto . i get the raw concept but what does BTC rep?

  7. purse.io is disappearing…can anyone like Roger reach out to them to save it? Roger has been mentioning purse.io many many times and the world needs that platform to help with crypto adoption

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