Ripple/XRP News: Credit Freeze? Metals & Crypto Go Up

Ripple/XRP News: Credit Freeze? Metals & Crypto Go Up
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Please at all times do your personal analysis and don t depend on a single supply of data for information (together with myself). Question the whole lot and make your personal selections. I admire you all and hope I assist educate you just a few issues & preserve you updated with the Crypto Space!
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  1. Barclay's is the biggest name on the list. As Barclay's goes, so does everyone else in the known universe.

  2. So with the new AML and crypto currency regulations, everyone will now be able to track their IRS "Income Taxes" and we will for the first time in history, know exactly where our tax dollars are going, right?

  3. Each day were closer and closer. Regs are almost cooked then buy enough vaseline BC the rocket will obliterate your ass.

  4. Love your videos, nice fast and to the point.. Also amazing mic you have, makes it very good to listen to.

    One thing if I may give advice?

    When listening on the train with my headphone the "s" is spiking a lot, have you considered a pop filter or cat in front of your mic?

    Or you can use Audacity (free software) to manage those spikes..


    Who else thinks of mortal combat (Johnny Cage) every time you see a new video alert? πŸ˜‹

  5. Love your videos. Was wondering what was happening with the beginning of the viddy then i remembered one take no cut. You the man.

  6. Ranting, in my opinion, is when you have a high emotion such as anger while expressing yourself on a particular subject.
    Rambling, in my opinion, is when you are discussing a topic and go off topic a ways with no high emotion attached. A tangent.
    Love your videos! Keep them coming! I've learned so much!

  7. Greg Mannerino is a good man and I've been a follower of him for years. And on another note…..
    Digital Asset News is another good source for Crypto….check him out. Down to earth, no hype, just good info like Kevin Cage. πŸ˜‰ He has something at the end of his vids he calls "Scam Of The Day" where he focuses on scams for folks to be aware of.

  8. One – Get your audio situated before the video, not during. Two – The first article is three weeks old. Do your research. Thumbs down.

  9. They're either about to attempt to kill crypto, slow it down or suck all the money out with these regulations. Or this is about to sling shot the hell out of crypto so you better buy now!!

  10. 88% of Traders belIieve that the next uptrend wilIl end like the one in 2017. But while the majority of the participants expected BitcoIin to eventually cool off from its recent parabolic run, some experts still believe we will witness another Race before the comiing May Halviing. Its smarter to stack up on coins by buying or even bettter by gettiing those held coins into active trading market from which I have grrown my portfolIiio from 2.9btc-11btc already , wiith the help of Sir.Carlos Pedro trading guide and signals, if you are looking for a way to increease your portfoliio or investment, Contact hiim via Telegram @ carlos434 _ …..

  11. Gold Is a good store of value, Silver is a good physical currency. πŸ˜‰ Xrp well you all know whats coming

  12. Dude I thought my buds were not working and I turned the volume all the way up. That "TESTING" was so damn loud πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ—£πŸ—£πŸ—£ my ear drums have been annihilated

  13. I've been watching GM for only a couple of weeks, He's been right about the crazy stock market every day 100% right, crazy swings. I would listen to him

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