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  1. I love your chanel and I used to hold XRP…and no, Im not the guy you are refering to in your videos….I dont think you are right regarding xrp… the reality is that most of the current xrp holders are losing money and the truth is that xrp has been underperforming other cryptos….ripple got rich by dumping xrp to uninformed, greedy holders (including myself) that made the wrong decision and now they are too attached to their investment to sell…instead they keep on buying and the price keeps going down.
    The markets dont work this way….bitcoin is real people that believe in a different world, xrp was build to make money of it…people are free to do whatever they want…the best thing about the market is that there is no debate there….the market itself will make you right or wrong….Im glad I changed all my xrp for btc and I just wish I had done it earlier….banks will never use xrp.
    Again I love your channel, but I disagree on your views regarding xrp.

  2. You got the most common sense of anyone I have watched on Youtube. Keep it up. XRP saved my life from gambling. Im all in!!! Rather lose in here. Hodl for life in XRP. Its a no brainer, a matter of time of when moons!! Now lets go XRP and TMI.

  3. Haha, fork xrp and ripple will still have billions of xrp-fork… which they could dump instead of xrp-original 😅
    Unless they mean they'll start the ledger and coin distribution all over again?!

  4. Buy old marvel comic, hodl till you can expect a profit… Marvel suddenly in trouble for security trading! Bs in the air indeed!! That's not what a security is!!!!

  5. I don't think they'll chase the big fish first re: xrp as a security. They need to set the president (law technical term) untill they chase after xrp and others, hence why only small fish thus far. Any announcements by CEO will just eventually get him longer prison sentence or larger fine. "No action" is of right now not a defence or evidence of "not security". To be clear, not staying they are a security, but we've had no regulatory confirmations of "no security"

  6. I lost more than that (I once owned about 1000 XRP, bought it for like a 1.50, wind up dumping it for like 50 cents when I saw XRP was going down). So kind of a bs lawsuit, but I was guilty of citing it once when I was mad also, but shouldn't have, in honesty 🙂
    Anyway, XRP isn't a coin to invest in if you expect some 'meteoric rise'.
    I actually don't really see it as crypto though, more of a bank token or something (and I understand it, have studied the wp and project in detail).
    But XRP people are pretty rude, for some odd reason (one reason why I was mad once, along with Ran Neuner, who was barking on CNBC for people to sell all their BTC for XRP in Nov 2018 during the BTC crash, which I thought was misleading people).
    But forking it ain't gonna work, for the reason's you mentioned.
    And 'longterm', it will probably be worth a lot more, if a person is patient enough to hold on for a long period of time (I hold no ill will, if it were up to me, I'd like to see it worth a hundred bucks right now for all the people who have held on for so long-even though I don't have any anymore).

  7. @TMI What if the BitTorrent network were to operate similar to Coil in that the content streamed were paid back in royalties and the people downloading were paying in micropayments for the content..?

  8. Ripple appears to be gradually orphaning XRP. Ripple is not XRP. Banks have "partnerships" with Ripple, Tron announces "partnerships" often, too. There is no need for banks to hold XRP, as xRapid "does not work by holding XRP, but by buying & selling it in as short a time as possible." The buying and selling may work privately so there is no need for a bank to buy it publicly, effecting XRP price. Private sales of XRP would inflate at least temporarily supplies. Is this a yoyo effect? Don't know. Holders of XRP tokens are entirely hoping that Ripple does not move on without XRP. Private company Ripple may create a private coin similar to JP Morgan's. Ripple's team will not operate their private business for benefit of XRP holders with whom they have no legal obligations.

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