Ripple/XRP: Bitcoin The Final Government, Media, & Bank Distraction From XRP As A Wealth Generator

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-XRP Pattern Recognition
-John Taylor Hedge Fund Interview
-Liquidity in any respect time excessive
-Italy shutting down
-Global Debt
-CZ & Crypto Regulations
-Bitcoin distraction

*I’m not a monetary adviser & this isn’t monetary recommendation

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  1. Everybody was talking about 2025 5 years from now. Now it's tomorrow??????? It's funny how easy it is to lead sheep to the slaughters

  2. Respectfully you are wrong about trump inflating the economy.. he is right now ending the fed.. we are beginning the shut down.. 30 days of darkness.. these people are sick… [SCARE] Eveny Necessary. Corona is cover.. eleits are all getting Corona? Come on. #Q is live.. he led me to XRP. Qanon.pub #WWG1WGA see yall in the other side!

  3. OMG, the hype just never stops. Just so you know, I got into XRP because of you (and other Youtubers, except Crypto Eri). If XRP somehow doesn’t moon, I swear to God I’m suing all of you, and I hope others will too! You keep repeating "not financial advice…. Not financial advice", but the fact is, you ARE giving implicit financial advice whether you know it or not, and any judge will see that.

  4. this woman who wrote this artical has no idea she writes so much crap about xrp[odl]that people should give any thing she writes a wide birth.cheers from australia

  5. I agree with you , especially on the Bitcoin. It was created as an illusion, distraction and first to get the world on board with Cryptos.

  6. Global digital currency… Apollo APL does this. And Zimbabwe is about to announce they are going to gold backed APL national currency.

  7. Its possible out of all the crazy theories of how to rest the WORLD debt. This sounds exciting and modern for a drying financial system . The WORLD needs hope and if it works why not. I am in xrp can be a powerful tool for a new system. We will see soon enough.

  8. Sorry dude!!!!
    Am following you for a long time
    and i love you…. But I disagree with what you said about President Trump …
    USA economy is strong and great… But what we see is a globalism effect… and this happens because the greedy of people…very powerful people…..Soooooooooooo it is Trump job to LOOK FOR AMERICA AND AMERICANS….the same way as any other president for their own country….This is an attack from you to pointed that way ????
    I still love you and love all about XRP
    Am just disagree with that…but ok with everything else …Greetings 😎
    I voted for Trump again!!!!!
    I wish He wins elections
    Because we the republicans are at higher rating in American History….
    Easy win for Trump….

  9. Look I just bought 200 xrp for .21cents per coin 45 dollars. It like buying 200 houses for 200,000 per house. Only when xrp goes up I can sell my houses for 5 dollars or 10 dollars that's a huge profit. Only on a micro level. Same principle like a house going to 600,000 . Hope you buy more xrp everytime you do at these prices. 21 cents you are making money in the future. For sure. Cant wait.

  10. What’s everyone gonna buy when we are all rich?

    I’m getting a ‘68 Camaro, a beach house or condo and I’m gonna marry a pornstar.

  11. you quoted IAMLEGION as saying everything will get tokenized (PAWNED)…..
    well if that isn't a mouthful. damm, pawn everything.

  12. I still can't figure out how you're expecting the price to go higher than $10 until the market cap goes higher than 3 trillion. Am I missing something?

  13. So crypto is now legal in S Korea, India and France and the market collapses? hmmmmm……. XRP is .21 cents and falling. Not going to pay off world debt at that price….. just say'n

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