Ripple XRP Base Currency Listing, Bitcoin Cash Price Hike And Market Manipulation Cure

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Ripple XRP Base Currency Listing, Bitcoin Cash Price Hike And Market Manipulation Cure

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  1. How would someone put a sell order for more BTC than they hold? If this was done with leverage, I dont understand how it could just disappear, if this was able for others to view or was an active position , how would it just dissolve. Could you explain what you were referring to?

  2. After 10 years Bitcoin has nothing to show. Bitcoin Diamond is only 10 months and it has a e commerce store that rivals Amazon. Bitcoin Diamond makes Bitcoin useless in 10 months. Do know the developers of Bitcoin Diamond are same developers of Bitcoin?

    The whitepaper of original Bitcoin states a peer to peer decentralised currency for e commerce. But we have over 1000 cryptos and not one has a e commerce store. Only Bitcoin Diamond has a e commerce store that rivals Amazon. Bitcoin is NOT the Bitcoin as envisioned by the founders because it was used by criminals for illicit activities. The founders of Bitcoin refused to claim the billions worth of BTC in their account even after 10 years. They the founders distanced from the original Bitcoin because the criminals had corrupted the usage of "Bitcoin" with child porn files locked in BTC blockchain. Hence, the founders made Bitcoin blockchain open source for future forks so one day a clean blockchain currency will be a honourable legit digital currency. This explains the core team programmers of Bitcoin Diamond are anonymous because they are the same founders of Bitcoin!

  3. I use coin mama, last time I bought on Coinbase they held my bitcoin for 14 days. Coin mama I sent it to my Wallet in literally 10 minutes

  4. Another Canadian crypto exchange. I love it. Maybe I will be able to get money to them with lower fees than Coinsquare or Quadrigia.

  5. JP Morgan cloned Quorum out of Ethereum, not on top of Ethereum. JPM loves Ethereum cuz they stole the open source code, like Tron.

  6. Is XRP a Crypto Currency Token or a religious social experiment token..? I thought it was about fast transactions ..What next, Catholic Pope Ordained Compliant …

  7. DCEX (San Francisco) claims to be the first XRP based exchange. Did you miss this, or did I just miss your coverage of it?

  8. I am in Canada, have been using Coinfield for about 6 months. The new platform works well. It’s fast easy to use. I am a big fan of XRP. So having it a base currency is great.

  9. I am in Canada, have been using Coinfield for about 6 months. The new platform works well. It’s fast easy to use. I am a big fan of XRP. So having it a base currency is great.

  10. Whoever is running crypto needed to watch Nasdaq activity like a hawk I mean everything they do cuz I don't trust them how is you going to fix a manipulation problem when you're the biggest manipulator and United State trying to have crypto customers jumping out of Windows soon huh sorry we're not turning this until 2008 I feel like letting them in is going to slow down a lot of stuff and heard us in the process because the people we running away from is right on your tail😤

  11. NY and ICE will need a crazy run to open margin accounts and increase visibility. This could easily save the retirement accounts and give banks the ability to post record earnings and thus draw in more money. Think about it, JPM or BlackRock show 1000x gains in top tier accounts (ones that charge 40% commission of course) and the dumptrucks will line up all the way to Jersey. You'll turn the 210B MC into 50TR overnight. There's no reason to manipulate the crispy bits in the bottom of the bag when you can open up a new barrel of chips and manipulate the whole container. But you gotta show that the chip bag is full of potential and a 1000x run in the mainstream media would do that, oh and the best way in… Big Banks.

    I spoke with a friend I used to work with in NYC (we actually talk alot, and about the markets, but this was work related about 2 weeks ago). He said IF the Crypto's show 50x gains in a few months time the gates are gonna open. The house he's at now knows and is working to get the infrastructure in place to handle it. And since the money is trying to leaving the Equities now it's gonna need a place to go. Just right now there's no place to go until the markets are available where you can move Trillions without incurring a 3-10% penalty to take it off or move it to another house.

  12. U.S. is banned from using coinfield, jerkoffs , coinfiied has a list on their website what countries are banned

  13. Bitcoin Cash (Bcash) struggled to stay at 1/8th the price of Bitcoin. Then it crashed. Now it is struggling to get up to 1/10th the value of Bitcoin. Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic did not save it.

  14. You don’t need trade limits. You need regulations against manipulation. If I make millions and hit my sell price, I don’t want anyone telling me what to do with my money. What’s the point of crypto if you can’t do what you want with your money.

  15. Hey, what about using your normal exchange to buy BTC or ETH or LTC. After that, you can buy XRP using changelly or shapeshift.

  16. I can vouch for Einstein Exchange and Coinsquare also in CANADA for XRP. I have also joined Coinfield, Coinsmart and Bitvo recently all have XRP but I've not bought sold or traded on these as yet…

  17. I need to put your "voice" in my voice over for this "valuing digital assets" animation I'm creating.

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