REAL Winner Of Bitcoin Cash War

Bitcoin Cash Satoshi’s Vision gave the impression to be the dumb loser developing with scars from this struggle. But if you happen to take a look at the occasion carefully, BSV was created and listed on prime exchanges like Binance, lots of consideration was drawn to the venture, and opponents had been made to seem like fools – so is BSV the actual winner of this struggle?

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REAL Winner Of Bitcoin Cash War

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  2. MUST READ!! You’re on to something… I first thought naw this guy doesn’t know what he’s saying but… the largest owner of BCH is Bitmain… they are a staunch advocate for SV and the guy who comes out with SV goes on an interview and says that Squire is a much better company… not only that but CEO of Bitmain resigned from voting rights on board of directors since they wanted to go ABC rouote!!! So it definitely smells like something else is going on… maybe they just wanted price low enough to buy most all of coins… dunno I’m just learning bout crytos… u be the judge

  3. This was just a way to create money out of thin air(just like the Federal Reserve sadly…) and to extract value from all crypto-currencies since this is basically a way to manipulate the market. Merry Christmas for them. Everyone else is REKT lol.

  4. Is it easy for everyone to call himself satoshi nakamoto .if it Is so , I am the real satoshi nakamoto. Next bull run will be in April 2019 .😎😋

  5. Craig Wright and Roger ver are true gangsters so guys sell your bitcoin cash and all its shit related forks coins. 😎

  6. Why the real Satoshi doesn't post a message mentioning he is not Craig Wright ????? As he has already done other times ……

  7. So before the hard fork, I evenly allocated my BCH to coinbase, jaxx, poloniex, and binance. As soon as the fork completed around 11/15 , I took my newly converted SV and ABC and sold them on Binance and Poloniex since they are basically new variants of BTRASH. However, I still have not received the newly converted SV and ABC through coinbase or Jaxx. So my BCH is basically stuck in limbo on those platforms, unable to be moved, converted into new SV/ABC, or sold. So as BCH price plummets, I cannot do anything about it to secure my investment. Can anyone possibly help? Thanks!! PS., every BCH holder should have sold back in May 2018 when the price skyrocketed to 1700. But that's hindsight for you. And it's very unlikely the new BTRASH variants will reach those levels anytime soon.

  8. Craig Wright is a classical narcissistic psychopath, just like Trump. They charm people with their arrogance that is perceived as confidence but ultimately turns everything they touch toxic.

  9. Their crappy war caused millions of dollars loss in in the crypto market. I won't be buying BCH SV or BCH ABC in the future, they are dead to me.

  10. a man with the deepest pockets in crypto and his ruthless behavior, he won't lose. not only, he will eradicate all of the spinoff coins that copied btc architecture. on the flipside, he's creating uncertainty with investors and they're dumping their positions, people hate him and will boycott his creation when he wins. long term, he'll win again.

  11. very interesting video thanks, it shows both ver and wright are messing with peoples hard earned money and driving btc price down to just to get their own agenda out or even crash btc to buy low themselves. No one should ever give them any respect simply because they crashed the market and destroyed peoples portfolios of coins.

  12. This whole charade has proven to me that the crypto space is more centralized than the banking system. If one or two queefes (Craig Wright and and Roger Ver) can completely disrupt and tank the entire market, I'm done with it.

  13. Really great insight. Makes a lot of sense he could have sold BTC to crash under the symbolic $6k and bring more attention to BCH

  14. Actually a clear winner are the exchanges because no matter what coins you "support" — they all win because TRADING FEES.

  15. Dude you are such a hater haha you spun this whole video to make everyone sound so slimy….
    whatever, i guess its just youtube… say what you want.

  16. The world is a big stage, this was just a game. and no; CSW didn't fool Roger, instead THEY BOTH tried to fool the entire community.

  17. such a bunch of clowns.

    the real satoshi is laughing.

    Also he wanted decentralized networks not centralization with ASIC computers.
    bitcoin has already been ruined by asics but the tech lives on.

  18. Not there opponent they are tryna say uck you t the eds and taxes. LL causes more conusuin when tax time comes around and everybody is in losses

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