Rare Digital Art? 4 Top Spots To Buy And Sell NFT Crypto Art

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NFT Overview Video:

Nifty Gateway:




This video covers the nonetheless new and tremendous fascinating world of NFT crypto paintings. NFTs are distinctive as they supply a technique to show that the digital artwork was created and bought by the precise creator, and never merely re-uploaded be another person trying to steal their work. This permits for a chance to purchase “original” digital paintings in a means that wasn’t beforehand potential.

I’ll cowl Four high spots to purchase NFT paintings proper now that are: Nifty Gateway, Rarible, TremendousRare, and AtomicHub. Each market has its personal distinctive quirks, and all of them have a ton of fascinating gadgets to purchase in addition to supply the chance to promote.

Have any questions on what you’ve got seen within the video? Feel free to depart a remark!


Intro – 0:00

What are NFTs? – 0:25

Nifty Gateway – 2:34

Rarible – 5:48

TremendousRare – 8:58

AtomicHub – 11:13

Conclusion – 15:52

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Rare Digital Art? 4 Top Spots To Buy And Sell NFT Crypto Art

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  1. Hi Matt , does the art work need to be solely by the artist
    Coz I bought couple pieces of art last year from an artist and I own them with COA
    Also can you upload a 100 year old original picture to rarible after converting it to NFTs

  2. The fact of the matter is , , ,
    qualified professional artists can no longer get access to any of the top NFT sales platforms.
    The application process either does not function, is way too limited, or the site wants new artist
    to be "recommended" by existing contributors.

    Until there is a viable solution, this whole market means nothing to most quality digital artists.
    This also limits what buyers have exposure to for their collections.
    This video also fails to stress the high cost of offering work for sale on even the secondary sites
    in regards to upload fees and commissions.
    Many artists posting on available secondary sites will never recover the costs associated with listing there.

    NFT sales are still a mess and are worthy of being ignored until this mess goes through substantial
    shake-out and more viable options are available for sellers & buyers..

  3. What do you think of opensea in comparison to the websites you mentioned? And can you list an artwork on multiple sites at once?

  4. ummm $666 for that NFT…are you even aware what is going on here??…they elites just laugh at the masses, they even telegraph their demonic moves and the sheeple just bah…smh

  5. Matt thanks for all the information!!!!!
    I too have been an artist my whole life! I've been in many many national publications.
    Recently a piece of artwork I created was featured in "USA Today" and "Ripley's Believe it or Not". Among other publications!
    I believe my work is rare because I've never allowed it to be for sale!
    Until NFTs were created!
    If you googled wax bust of Jesus by John Eagan , you will discover a unique bust of Jesus created as the…. only kind in the world!
    I'm selling an NFT right now entitled
    " The Grabbing Machine".
    It's here for your consideration if you're curious…..

  6. Pulled 2 of 2 minted foil ultra rare Kogyaru from a pack last night. Number 1 for sale for like 350k I have the 2nd one. This creator has more collections with way more items in the collection. Im thinking I might ba able to get a pretty good profit here. Any advice?

  7. The lean whiskey alarmingly confess because discussion endosonographically hand anenst a acidic alphabet. amazing, poor park

  8. Great vídeo Matt. Thank you for sharing.
    Just curious… why didn't talk about OpenSea? Have you try it?

  9. Is niftygateway the only marketplace where you can buy nfts in dollars? Like with the other ones you NEED to have crypto?

  10. This info is awesome thank you!
    Do you have a link or tutorial on how to mint your digital art? "For dummies" I may have missed it if you posted it.
    Or if not a great place on YouTube that can walk me through the process?


  11. what happens if someone is to fake my identity and sell my artwork… can I claim it back or sue the fake seller?
    Say Banksy doesn't know about NFT, and I create a profile pretending to be him, and auction off a bunch of NFT's worth millions, how can he stop me and get back the money which I now have?

  12. i'm interested in an ongoing discussion on this! i'm a digital artist just getting into the NFT space, and very much appreciate this information being explained so clearly. keep up the great work 🙂

  13. very informative and simple to understand. My friend made nfts sound like a damn secret organization. I just subscribed!!

  14. Oh my this is perfect I have 100’s of digital art I made the past 8 years ready to sell. Do u recommend taking all my art pieces from other social media?

  15. Appreciate you stepping through the different sites. Quick question. As the artist, if I commit to minting my artwork as an NFT, can I also sell that same piece anywhere else (e.g.through stock agencies, prints on my website)?

  16. You know, I do paintings and sell them, but like you said, for the digital ones it's a trouble and it's curios, because that type of problems with digital paintings, there' so often also for photography. Anyway, looking at all these 3d models, animated gif etc, I'm wondering if out there, there's a business that produce physical support to display digital arts hanged on the wall. You know like a pad/pc screen, with a small battery and a USB port, so you copy/inside the art and display it like a traditional physical artwork.

  17. Can anyone comment on how successful they been on the website?
    It seems like only top artists have been able to sell while smaller-medium artists have been struggling.

  18. The difference being though the people making these Art NFTs are just randoms using render to make a mediocre image.. Only like 5% of them art actual artist so the market is just going to be flooded with trash.

  19. I find the entire process very suspect. Metamask required I pay $8.21 to Wyre as a transaction to get just $10.00 in my account. That's an 80% tax to be allowed to sell a piece of work which cost me another $6 to post. $14.00 in fees before I get a single bid. Then magically my ETH balance went from enough to post the image to not enough! Now I'll need to pay 80% fee to finish the posting! Now if it works…I'll be wrong but sounds very fishy up front.

  20. Old school digital artist here: I don't see any references to resolution — pixel dimensions — for there images. I used to create 300 dpi digital files for print, but I don't see any awareness of anything but screen resolution. What it looks like on a computer or a phone. Does any of that still matter? Or can I just sell a 600 x 900 piece of digital artwork, that will never have enough resolution to even print on a T shirt?

  21. Thank you for sharing. I am modifying my strategi because of this video. I was planning to sell my stuff in only one place, but now I am going for 2 places. Very helpful. Thanks:)

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