Raoul Pal Makes His Bitcoin Price Prediction | Its More Than You Think!

Despite the truth that bitcoin dropped 50% lately, I nonetheless stay nonetheless very bullish over a long run. In this video I’ll clarify what occurred with this latest 50% bitcoin dropped, and Raoul Pal will clarify his bitcoin value prediction

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Raoul Pal Makes His Bitcoin Price Prediction | Its More Than You Think!

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  1. Bitcoin moves in correlation with the stock market, not a good sign as the market will head down significantly when markets fully come to terms with the Reality of the Real Economy, that is also taking FED massive printing presses going in to overdrive.

  2. Y'all waiting for bitcoin to go bullish. Its gonna happen soon and the best thing to do now is to trade with an expert and increase the bitcoin you have already. I trade with Vanessa Lynn Shady and my profits are maximized by her.Y'all waiting for bitcoin to go bullish. Its gonna happen soon and the best thing to do now is to trade with an expert and increase the bitcoin you have already.

    I trade with Vanessa and my profits are maximized by her..

  3. i really do not know whats up in the minds of people highly bullish on BTC. You have been doing this for 10 years and still bitcoin never stabilized over 10k which is still only 10% of your prediction. What you guys do not understand is that JUST BECAUSE BITCOIN BECOMES MORE DIFFICULT TO GET A HOLD ON, DOESNT MEAN ITS DEMAND IS RISING. It will never replace any fiat-currency not in the long and not in the short run, the world is run by banks and they decide what you pay with. The banks will however adapt Blockchain technology but they for sure wont die out.

  4. There is a big trend line that works as a support for BTC deeply rooted from the very first years of cryptocurrencies. Any price near 6.000$ should be considered a buying opportunity for a long hold position. Find the graph here: I m very positive for BTC taking into account the inflation that will beat almost everything. BTC=the new gold.

  5. One should own silver or gold bullion before btc. They are both guaranteed to rise significantly in the decade and are the only safe havens against the historic money printing / debasement of currencies. BTC could also go up, but it could also be killed by the same criminals who are running the current system. New Global Crypto and every currency gets devalued against it. Hard to see China and USA agreeing on global currency under current environment, so more likely system will implode and then in desperation SDR's to replace USD as global reserve, but may need to be gold backed at a much higher price to stop deflation. Alternatively we get the crash first, nothing resolved and all currencies hyper inflate. Scenario two best for BTC.

  6. Yes very realistic. But I will keep mine in Paper Wallet, unless there is something around more trustworthy.

  7. Hi !!! I believe that it´s a matter of "when" instead of "if" bitcoin will reach 100k. Perhaps on 2021 as way too soon and 2023 as way to far. From the point of 3.150 US$, it will represent at least a 30X return of investment when it reaches 100k.

  8. Only when the owners of the world make developing crypto currency a fraudulent offence, will Bitcoin take off. The owners of the world have to gain control of crypto and corner the market thus taking away our financial security and freedom, then Bitcoin rises exponentially. That is unless the owners release a one world crypto digital currency themselves finishing Bitcoin.

  9. @7:15, I think you have an error in your animation here? (oil, precious metals not showing, you see it appear a little near the top)

  10. Awesome video! However, I would also say No time is better than now to buy bitcoins. The reason is that we are on the verge of a strong bull run. Another approach I have taken that has been so profitable for me is not just buying and holding but also strategically growing my portfolio by trading using the well-known signal service of Richard Williams. I've been growing my coins steadily with just my initial capital of 0.15btc to 3Btc in just 2 weeks of consistent trading with his signals. Honestly, It’s very effective and easy to use this same approach and I am sure this will not be news here cos most people that would come across this post would probably already have used and benefited from his training or trading services. You can reach him on Telegram (@Richardwill) for those who don't know him and would love to try a different approach in making good consistent profit from bitcoin trading? Richard is your best bet.

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  12. We should all get ready for Bitcoin cause soon Bitcoin price would be moving even more faster than the rocket. I got some secret on how i made $40.000 last month and am open to share

  13. Great video ! I think bitcoin is the brk.a of our time….. In the summer of 1985 Berkshire Hathaway was $1500/ shr., now $ 276,000…………..

  14. Bitcoin has been in a bear market since January 2018. May be a good time to buy, but the downward trend has not reversed as of yet.

  15. Yes its possible but its also interesting that while people are making all these predictions, it seems to try to make new lows. Not sure how long that's going to go on. The idea that the cycle is lengthening however seems like its happening. In the past there was no shorting mechanism and the only way to try to drive the price down was probably very expensive as you had to buy bitcoin to sell it at a lower price and you had no derivative to make up the difference in loss to hedge. Now its too easy to bet against bitcoin with shorting, futures, etc. So the cycle could lengthen quite a bit.

  16. I been listening to Paul for a while and others in the industry buying BTC is like buying Apple shares in the 90’s

  17. It's crazy to me that very intelligent traders and investors believe Bitcoin is going to the moon! The bubble burst what two years ago? It's never blowing past 20k again. First off it's not 100% safe like people thought. 2. It's not new technology like it was perpetuated 3. Fed Coin will come out and the crooked bankers will CRUSH Bitcoin. 4. It's not a safe haven. 5. It's a pain in the ass to use 6. Read the charts … charts don't lie people do.

  18. My 10 year old daughter just noticed that it should say it's more than you think and not is more than you think 🙂

  19. I have some bitcoin (and ethereum and gold) and am considering adding more. However, it should be noted that the huge downside of cryptocurrencies (and for that matter physical gold) is the transaction fees which currently are outrageous and only worth it now given the extreme economic uncertainties presently requiring some insurance. If you invest in these, keep in mind that your in the hole by a large margin out of the gate, but also unless the crypto gurus figure out some way to make it more efficient than other currencies to exchange then it will never be a realistic solution for the financial markets in the long run. Best to not place all your eggs in this basket, but consider it an insurance policy instead.

  20. Look for around 85% drop towards 1800 to 3000. People expecting higher prices in May, but more likely down into those levels before going higher in the later part of the year

  21. i think all this is fake to get people to invest in bitcoin so the market gets really big so satoshi nakamoto sells all his bitcoins!!!

  22. Great info! thanks! My opinion is the dollar will, best case scenario, drop in value 60% as it did between 2000/2009. Worst case, I'm not sure. But I think if the public is sold on the "fact" bitcoin will continue as a secure medium of exchange, bitcoin could be called upon to absorb and support a ton of commerce as businesses and public flock to a platform that they can function with. Buy their groceries, run their factories. They need a reliable system. What else is out there? So the 100x may be conservative. Imagine a trillion dollar market cap (in current dollar value). It would all have to fit into the 18 million coins.

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