Raoul Pal: Holding All Your Money In Crypto | Irresponsibly Long Bitcoin

From a technical analyst to a macro investor, Raoul Pal has amassed a world viewers for his experience on every part markets. Coining the favored time period going irresponsibly long Bitcoin, Raoul believes that Governments and their failed insurance policies will drive up Bitcoins worth and ecosystem to unimaginable ranges. It is for this actual motive that the world is present process the biggest expertise transformation in human historical past within the shortest period of time.

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In this episode, Melker and Pal talk about a variety of matters together with:

Irresponsibly lengthy Bitcoin

Holding all of your cash in crypto

Raoul Pals home particular

Metcalfe’s regulation

Bitcoins geopolitical position

Sovereign wealth funds

Opting out of fiat techniques

Leaving a mean-reverting world

Global debasement

Throwing away stimulus checks

Entering the exponential age


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Raoul Pal: Holding All Your Money In Crypto | Irresponsibly Long Bitcoin

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  1. crypto is far from being anonimous. Just to register into an exchage the verification process is just ridiculous. Nonsense

  2. It might be that bitcoin is less correlated with the USD, because the further usecase of actual adoption by corporates and states. Tbd

  3. Because you understand it PAL, and have lost all grounding, does NOT mean humanity as a whole can adapt to what you are saying. You completely have left this out of your equation. Humans still exist and will have a massive pushback on becoming cyborgs. Riot and chaos will prove the biggest threat to your utopian plan for computer domination. On levels MUCH bigger than you or anyone has any comprehension of.

  4. Really good interview! Nice job Scott – Raoul is always fun to listen too with great ideas and perspectives.

  5. Wrong. Bitcoin going to zero, Greek Drachma will make a huge comeback, and become world currency.

  6. I make huge profits on my investment since i started trading with mrs Alicia David, her trading strategies are top notch coupled with the little commission she charges on her trade.

  7. Canto banto! Eiu dos las todos mies carchaka e bitcoin tota la biento.
    Oh la la!! Kapa tieno kalamarata beku usd no? Cha es to bien e tor que putas las aninrto!!

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  9. Amazing convo. You 2 guys just bounce off each other. 1 thing I have to mention is your mic Scott. It's very tingy when on laptop or phone. I'll be listening for the 3rd time tomorrow. I learned a lot. Blese

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