pundi x learn how to stake operate x

Pundi x learn how to stake operate x, right here i’ll exhibit learn how to get set as much as begin staking on march 20th, since I’m within the USA, regulatory points make it so I cant stake and even see it on the xwallet, But the general course of is comparable.

I even have a extra easy step-by-step information model video on staking F(x) tokens.
One is a video of staking via your xwallet, the opposite is staking with you personal wallets. Go to my web page and test these out, its the 2 most up-to-date ones.


If you wish to skip forward to once I present you learn how to do it on my cellphone, skip ahead to 1:42.

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I additionally wish to apologize for my enhancing expertise, I’m new to the entire enhancing movies scene, however slowly studying extra every day.


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  1. I was told by the marketing director that There will be an opportunity to get the FX tokens in future at some point if people in the US are not eligible to stake or convert due to KYC. He said Think of it how the NPXS is an erc20 based token. In future once FX mainnet goes live NPXS will become a FX-based token instead.

  2. Hiya I just bought 2million pundi x on binance. Do you think I should stake them? What is this monthly token unlock program on binance? Should I just leave them there to grow do you think? PS I'm from Ireland sec us laws do not apply to freedom land.

  3. Nice informative brother
    I am holding Pundi x on Binance right now
    Just wanted to know swapping or staking this coins is it beneficial doing does it give us any advantage.
    Sorry I know it's quite a layman question

  4. So cool of u to help us out. So, since I’m in the US like u I really don’t need to do any of this, correct? I’m actually more concerned about the last 3 “airdrops”. That is why I bought a million. To get even more. Lol. Good luck to u and thx again for ur videos.

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