Professionalizing BitCoin Building Mature Services

This presentation was created for the Cambrian SV occasion held in Lisbon, Portugal from 2/10 – 2/14. The presentation was not recorded so I made a decision to report it and add to my YouTube channel.

The video covers how we are able to combine normal enterprise practices and contracts into BitCoin with a purpose to revenue, construct higher relationships and construct up the community to help the approaching transaction quantity on the Bitcoin SV community.



MatterCloud pricing tweet

Jerry Chan on knowledge immutability

Klimenos’ criticism of the Weiblock and Twetch protocols

Image sources

Frog goes off on

MatterCloud pricing tiers

Bitcoin Whitepaper

My Twetch about free vs. beneficial

Professionalizing BitCoin  Building Mature Services

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  1. Are you getting income for these videos? If not I applaud you going fulltime BSV and doing it for free but I do hope there is more income and accountability generated in the space.

  2. Excellent video, Joshua. I got the seed importing problems my self before, too. It is kind a retarded, but as you say, no one pays to use wallets so what we can expect. Wallets are the most important and fundamental of keeping Bitcoin. I'd like to see my wallet automatically sliced and distributed to the wallet company, the user and bonded courier type businesses, also it should have an insurance coverage. I'd love to pay for the service. Even now, you have to pay for $100 to $200 / year for keeping a bank box to keep the seeds. So I see the demand for it.

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