Price Action – Footprint Of The Money

“What is price action?”, quipped my pal Anna the opposite day. “Someone told me about swing highs, swing lows, test of top/bottom and the likes”. “But I don’t understand. I’m altogether innocent about this price action thingy,” she added.

I instructed her: “Price action is simply the footmark of the money.”

And I went on to elucidate:

First, be aware of these three issues. One, the market goes up when value is making bigger highs and better lows. Two, the market goes down when value is making decrease highs and decrease lows. And three, the market goes sideways when value will not be making bigger highs and better lows or decrease highs decrease lows. These are easy information, yet most merchants overlook them.

Consider additionally the timing of a commerce. By timing, I imply, looking a shorting opening as the overall sample is down yet value in your entry time-frame corpse to be going up. At this stage, it’s futile to attempt to brief a rising market till value motion begins to level down.

Be cautious of brief or negative bias change that happens when a HH>HL>LH>LL>LH sequence develops. This sequence is affirmed when value strikes under the final decrease low. An extended or optimistic bias change come up when an LL>LH>HL>HH>HL sequence expands. The bias change is affirmed when value strikes above the final bigger excessive.

The ensuant section the market can then take is to start trending up or down based mostly on the bias change. Now utilizing value motion enumeration of the swing highs and lows, begin perceptive the worth vary sure exercise. That is, value will not be making new highs or new lows. Three ranging rule definitions are: one, value would not make a brand new excessive or low on the transfer; two, value will stay vary sure till it makes information transfer excessive or low and third, a variety when value is a decrease excessive or the next low inside the earlier swing excessive and low confirms the worth vary. Range is often defined as a double contact of assist and resistance. Consider {that a} pull again or bias change will be created by the worth because the chart unfolds a brand new excessive or low.

With this value motion technique, a dealer akin to your self, can pinpoint the chance of a variety increasing very early with out having to fret if value will or won’t provide you with a double contact.

Price Action - Footprint Of The Money

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