Pomp Podcast #360: Bill Barhydt on Building A Crypto Bank

This is an episode of The Pomp Podcast with host Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano and visitor, Bill Barhydt is the founding father of Abra, a easy to make use of cryptocurrency funding platform. After working for the CIA, NASA, and Goldman Sachs, Bill determined to hitch Netscape engaged on telecom and Internet banking offers, principally in Europe. After the AOL acquisition of Netscape, Bill based WebSentric. The expertise for WebSentric exists at present in SAP’s on-line portal service.

In this dialog, we focus on macroeconomics, the Federal Reserve, financial coverage, Bitcoin as a reserve asset in company treasuries, decentralization, and a variety of new merchandise and options that Abra has launched just lately.

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  1. Pomp writes a daily letter to over 50,000 investors about business, technology, and finance. He breaks down complex topics into easy to understand language, while sharing opinions on various aspects of each industry. You can subscribe at 🙂

  2. I can’t figurè out how sliverhackz on IG was able to’ get my account retrieved back …I really appreciate his ėffort

  3. Wow!! I just got my bitcoin and working on cc’s from smithjuli on telegram, she is honest, reliable, and trustworthy.

  4. I used Abra almost exclusively to buy my BTC and TUSD until the shut down my account for no reason. Due to privacy they could not tell me why. Sad because I really liked the service. Regardless thanks for the interview. Love to see the growth in the space.

  5. You should interview the Oracle. He's one of the only traders that shows his trades to the public for all to see.

  6. But the population has DOUBLED since 1980.
    So we should have TWICE as much currency circulating, to keep the average $ per person the same.
    Have we created twice as much dollars or gold since 1980? I doubt it. Hence, why 50% of Americans cant scrape together $400.
    They system needs rebalanced every so often, or the poor riot, and the system fails and is overthrown. Greed MUST be kept in check.

  7. When you make the right decisions and take the right steps in Bitcoin Mining the chances of losing your funds becomes slimmer and almost impossible especially when you invest with a Miner as good as Mr Richard Bill.

  8. It's all fake. Who do we even owe this debt to when it's printed out of thin air? Just numbers in a computer. Just hit delete and start over.

  9. I would love for you to touch more on (in a future video) Inflation not affecting everyone the same! I’m just starting to understand and be able to comprehend inflation/deflation/value of money and I would love some more clarification on that specific statement you said. Thanks!

  10. exceptionally relevant chat to the issues im mulling over. credibility for crypto rests in bank senior debt security and intercreditor deeds. until there is a box to tick on the form for this, the computer will simply default to 'no' in bank credit applications. only wat to get a computer to say yes is to unplug it and steal its servers. aka clean out the vault. that was done end of may. so over to the banking lawyers. its not as if they are doing anything anyway just now… crack on…thanks guys. ott chatter from me, still, this is the nub of the issue. the head of the pin. maintain focus on this bill. god speed.

  11. the kpi on wallet openings to watch, I reckon is AKON's wallet infrastructure blossoming in west Africa, industrial sector peer to peer tally stick custom tokens, eg aerobloc from aeroband in aviation, norlisk metal backed crypto tokens and davincilondon crypto casual cotton backed crypto tokens of Mr. Cotton. anything else, treat The Chancellor, Owl and Whale as GBPTowers credit and oversight committee. bee has palladium knees and owl has platinum talons. stings irritate, talons rip you apart. no moonwalking unless sliding out a decent moonwalk move…

  12. if a government has a go at shutting down a coin for anything other than a fraud alert… they will quickly reassess the referBEEzzz whistle to signal the foul occurred inside the FEDs penalty area and Mr. Cotton, MancunianCantonaWhale is the penalty taker. free floating on that one world. Best 007.Bit

  13. the dollar issue is only in pat 'corrupt' the far bigger issue in play TODAY is the dilatory budget spending veracity of those writing cheques. fix the teller colleagues allocating capital. this is the waste sullying the mighty USD, not the currency itself. the wankers squandering it.

  14. as a benchmark, just graph the amount of usa consumed non food goods manufactured outside of china. see what the consumption to manufacturing gap is as a forecast next 12m. then ponder how this gap is filled after you've bitten the Chinese workers hand off. wake the f up America. your in deep trouble. the delivery boat from china isn't coming because you are so rude to them. they don't need to export to usa. take care with your dollar centric arrrogance

  15. and governments (esp us) can have any goal they want. they'll be told what goods are priced at what level in what means of settlement. im a wizard but im not from Australia and I have an eye on value and an old silk road caravan of silver.

  16. fetch ai took btc as an asset raise. I can see equity raise in btc rather than fiat, but care needed as fiat debt will still be senior debt. important point. maybe someone in lead advisory corporate finance could shed light on this intercreditor posture to a hybrid fiat crypto lending

  17. I'd love to see the inter creditor agreement for Micro-Strategy's balance sheet move from usd to btc. is is senior debt, where does this sit in covenenant. great move, how is it litigated into company law and security position vis a vis, other ranking debt items.

  18. i'm sorry, greed is a deadly sin. it doesn't have different intensities. its just greed. therefore, just like resiliency isn't a concept, neither is 'overly greedy'

  19. hi abra, my name is cadabera! theManchesterMint, cadabera… best mancunianCommoditiesWhale GBPTowers.

  20. his app platform forces you to sign up without allowing you to read about it. Did not like that at all. I felt hijacked —

  21. We don’t need another “crypto bank”. Be your own bank, buy/sell p2p. Nacho keys nacho coins.

  22. Inflation is not evenly distributed but it doesn't necessarily redistribute wealth from the poor to the rich. It can, but it doesn't always. It depends on many other variables such as how the new money is spent and tax policies etc. Sometimes inflation hits high income people harder because of the high tax bracket creep. Studies show that there's actually a negative correlation between QE and wealth inequality. For example, Japan has had the largest QE relative to GDP, yet they have some of the lowest wealth inequality in the developed world.

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  24. Interesting takes. I've always thought there will be banks for crypto. People claim they will destroy the system, but banks got created for cash which is similar to what we're hoping crypto does.

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