Orange Pill [OP6] – In Exile with Baby Bitcoin

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with episode 6 of ORANGE PILL PODCAST.


Max and Stacy focus on the censorship resistant high quality of bitcoin despatched to us on the proper time because the disintegration of elite fiat media narratives crumbles round us and these establishments search to take care of legitimacy by means of pressure. Max says the elite are going straight to carpet bombing to interrupt the individuals in search of different narratives. It all the time begins as clickbait after which escalates to the gulag.

Bitcoin is like Beethoven, it does not care.

Bitcoin is an intergalactic SOS.

Max and Stacy ponder the early days of bitcoin when Satoshi warned towards allying with Wikileaks, believing it was too early to battle the state. Bitcoin on the time was like a child lion, or a baby of an emperor exiled from rival powers for its personal security. Only to return a conqueror.

Madge Weinstein of offers her evaluation of ‘cancel tradition.’

They then chat to Obi Nwosu, the CEO of concerning the coming company panopticon and the digital trans-nation states they may function. Obi believes bitcoin is the savior we would have liked however not essentially the one we deserved.

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  1. I think part of the problem with just jumping in and getting some is for an outsider the entire concept and how to go about it without getting got is overwhelming

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  3. Loved listening to your guest! Brilliant! I agree that basically, the population has evolved out of true free-market Capitalism/Meritocracy (being responsible for yourself entirely for failure & success). So Humanity will have to learn all over again that each person is unique, and how beautiful the world can be to allow and welcome this diversity, taking your lumps when the competition out-distances you, taking your own initiative and self-determination and getting back in the game, learning from the mistakes that led to failure in the past and becoming better for it. Bitcoin/block chain technology evens the playing field and as your guest Obi pointed out, this will anger many who've never learned how to take self-responsibility and have no concept of the rewards that brings. Sadly, it may take another 2 generations to re-teach this to Humanity.

  4. It is kinda funny because I am considered "toxic" however, all I have done my entire life has been to help other people out. If you are logical then you are toxic. If you follow blindly like a sheep 🐑 then you are considered a "good" human.

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