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  3. 9k for one more day and it’s looking good. 8900-9100 for two days in a row already. Looking strong for a test at 9400 or if it falls below 8800 hot that short! Made a lot longing it at 8800 then shorting that gained position at 9150. Gonna put those profits into BNB and BTC to HODL!

  4. Hi Jack, I have a newbie question and I was hoping you could help. How long can I have my money in a trade on Binance? Is this unlimited time or is there a set time by which I need to either accept loss or sell? just made a very poor decision trade, I think I know what I did wrong but it would be great if you could collect bad trade samples and discuss those on your channel maybe one a week? bad tray day videos? This might help some of us realize our mistakes. More than happy to send you my first bad trade worth 50$

    Loving your contend and learning a lot in return I let all the commercials play without skipping.

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