Nothing Changes About Value When It Comes To Crypto (con Subtulos En Espal)

(Selling Brand New Gucci Bag for $2k value of Bitcoin or Ether)

(This video is has subtitles in Spanish!)


– Learn strategies and techniques on incorporate

CryptoForex into your enterprise corresponding to …

-Selling your merchandise on localized markets,

-Multi-sig wallets for a secure method to maintain cash in hand for multiples events,

-Crypto mining as a type of passive revenue,

-Different methods to settle for crypto corresponding to bitcoin,etherum, monero

and many others on your good and companies.

-Crypto Dividends only for holding sure cryptos.

– Crypto Lending for Profit

-Creating YOUR OWN Cryptocurrency

– Creating YOUR OWN Virtual Economy

– Buying and Selling NFTS (non-fungible tokens)

-Understand and Creating Smart Contracts

-Tokenizing Real World Assets

-Computer Programming Tutor

– Help with Software Issues

-Linux Tutor

– Simple Hacking

-Web Design

-Crypto Marketing

-Online Tutor for Children

-Creating your personal Crypto Brand

& More $25/hr is my price.

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(Learn to Protect Yo Data & Free your self from Digital Slavery!)

(Crypto Class #1 7/19 : Understanding Virtual Economies & Ideas of Starting your personal)

(Crypto Class #2 Understanding the Gig Economy aka the P2P market quickly fixing our society)

(CryptoRootz Season 1 Learn Crypto & watch me develop as a Content Creator)

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(Smoking Weed severely helps me Learn Computer Programming =)

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