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Ripple’s xRapid answer uniquely makes use of XRP to supply on-demand liquidity. By facilitating real-time, decrease price transactions throughout currencies, xRapid reduces the chance and unlocks the total potential of cross-border funds for enterprise purchasers.

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Should you want to assist me, please watch the advertisements (with out skipping) which might be positioned by Youtube within the movies.

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  1. re: escalator
    Here in NYC Port Authority Bus Terminal. the convention is similar, just that we stand to the right, allowing "express people" to pass on the left.

  2. Hi Eri, is it okay to ask if my understanding is correct, XRP aims to be a fast, cost-efficient cryptocurrency for cross- border … does this statement means that xrp will not be as expensive as bitcoin? Thanks for the answer.

  3. You know whats crazy – back in late 2013 I spent BTC to purchase graphics animations from a freelancer in the UK for a mobile game concept we were toying with. Gave the guy about 25 BTC – after all, it was monopoly money and I had mined them from my desktop earlier. I WILL NEVER MAKE THAT MISTAKE AGAIN! I am not tipping XRP. I am not using XRP to buy freelance services. I am not using XRP to book a trip or to buy coffee or to pay a waitress for a job well done. And I am not donating XRP to charities. XRP may end up being more valuable than USD – and in my opinion, you are a fool to give it away at this point.

  4. nothing against jeb and stellar, i'm grateful for his contributions to ripple xrp, but its one thing to be a technological genius and its another thing to be a successful business manager, chris larsen chairman of the board ripple has a proven track record of successful business management, jeb's record is just the opposite. furthermore, its not possible for a few people working for a non-profit organization/stellar to compete with a much larger all star team/ripple of heavy hitters with deep connections playing ball on the global stage for profit, the world doesn't work that way. IBM is not stellar. for these reasons and also because xlm goes up and down when xrp does, it doesn't make sense to me to invest in xlm, especially since i have the option to convert some xrp if xlm ever looks like its going to blow past xrp. no other coins have a 'ripple all star team'

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