New Coinbase Coins, Microsoft + Ethereum, Bitcoin Vs Fiat, No One Uses BCASH Or SV

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  1. I almost agree. BTC, eth and Ltc would be my pic. But nevertheless, BTC maximalism is the safest way.
    Alts are bottomed almost, use them to make money, but do not lose any satishies with them. Stacking BTC is the name of the game

  2. Let me give you a sad example. There are people I've spoken to about buying fragments of a bitcoin for example buying 0.125 and they say "I would rather have 10 million Dogecoins"….I realised that perhaps it's the illusion of owning 'millions' of something, albeit worthless compared to bitcoin that fuels their ignorance 🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. This guy is so right. Many side chains will be created for bitcoin and ethreum and we will not need other trash coins. Hopefully cardano and xrp rule as well.

  4. They couldn't come up with anything better than dong 😐How much do you have on you.I have a dong😕Great show as always! Might be time to have another top coin's to put your money in possibly. I'm sure there are alot out there trying to find the next BTC.

  5. Sorry but I disagree bitcoin is good for a store of value and only good for a medium of exchange if there is alot of bitcoin involved otherwise it is terrible. The fees are expensive the developers have had more than enough time to come up with a solution and failed. We have seen the proof of this recently over the last few months with the network struggling to cope with the increasing demand. Long term bitcoin for a store of value and a medium of exchange for those prepared to pay the high fees and another altcoin for a medium of exchange perhaps Litcoin.

  6. Newbies are always looking for the "next bitcoin" . IMO the "next bitcoin" is BITCOIN! Alt season came and went in 2017. It is not going to happen a 2nd time. At one time in 2017 I made a good amount of profit off of Altcoins. I was fortunate enough to see the writing on the wall and moved about 75% of my portfolio into bitcoin. I however made 1 mistake…. The other 25% that I kept in Litecoin. The truth of the matter is that everything but bitcoin is a useless shitcoin. All of them! ETH LTC XRP.

  7. So when BTC has a marketcap of 1 trillion, the one day fee total will have grown as well. I'm sorry, but if Bitcoin fees are in line as they are today, no one is going to pay $2.40 billion per day in transaction fees. Visa's total annual REVENUE is 20 billion. With the current fee structure this means at a $1 trillion market cap, BTC annual fees would be more than most States in the US and be around 1/20th the total GDP of the United States. And with half of the miners sitting in China, there's a 0% chance the US allows China to make $400 BILLION a year from BTC transaction fees. 0%

  8. I imagine that as currencies go, the Vietnamese Dong is quite small. Almost insignificant. Of little value and barely visible to the naked eye.

    A magnifier and a pair of tweezers are recommended when handling the Dong.

  9. btrash? *cough sorry bcash. All the other coins tried hyping that they are gonna be the next Bitcoin or Ethereum and on paper that sounds plausible with small groups of validators, but at the end of the day, it is very very difficult to have people actually start using then, exponentially harder to adopt than say a messaging app, since both transacting parties have to have the coins and their off and on ramps off all set up. I can't imagine a day when I'm telling my mom yeah, I'll be paying you in ADA or EOS. Also, sanctioned off countries such as Russia and China aren't gonna try to buy oil with ADA or EOS. There is such a huge gap. You are absolutely right about shit coins.

  10. That single address responsible for 50% of all transactions on the BCH blockchain, is it by any chance an exchange pool?
    Like with Revolut you don’t get an actual wallet address to send coins to or from, which leaves me to wonder how it‘s managed behind the scenes.

  11. How strange that progress seems slow at times and other times fast. Totally subjective of course and a matter of focus, maybe age of the observer too, right? But still, as far as mainstream adoption goes…. "faster!" is what I usually think. Other times I say "Oh my, how fast things are moving!"

  12. A few weeks back, during an interview, Charles Hoskenson was asked about a coinbase listing. He said they have an NDA with coinbase so he could not speak on it. Personally I think that have agreed to not list ADA until the Shelley release

  13. This I love. We got the "to kind of finish things off" at 12 minutes of a 34 minute video! I haven't listened past 12:06, before typing this comment, and I just want to say I hope he goes on some kind of crazy rant! Tell me those aren't the best!!!11!1

  14. "Are you going to buy my leaf eating business?" is quite possibly the most quotable quote I have heard in…. well, ever. Like I might have to get a tattoo of this. With like some Cointelegraph cartoon looking Bitcoin laughing at a pile of leaves… Yes. Leaves that look like dollars. And the BTC cartoon coin is holding a sword that has TMI inscribed down the blade…. Yes. That's it exactly. XD

  15. Haha, BCASH, BCASH, BCASH. Worthless. These people worship Roger Ver or Craig Wright like they are gods. That is centralization. No one is making money mining it. Do you not get it yet.. What all this debate is about around centralization?

  16. Good content & BTC is KING & as a store of value; however in order to maintain that stability programmable money Smartcontracts dev is slow ..will take 5 years at least .. Until then ETH & LINK will fill that gap .. Ernest & young PW Mircosoft Google already spent 12M on libraries & Dev kits for this . Also, Follow that space Defi tech ..there will be interop where real-world data is made available to trustless Fintech Buss logic ..token "value" economy ..not just cental money governance economy …

  17. They’re all shitcoins except bitcoin. None of them used, most of progress if any is a wallet…wow…mind is blown🤯., no real partnerships, and no real plan or idea of how it’ll actually be used or adopted…just a bunch of fake “we’re working our ass off!” as they travel the world and hold events on your investment dime. Don’t really even see any marketing media from these projects…like a demo video showing possible use of the coin and blockchain in the future with a real life portrayals…not just some charts and tech and change the world hype. Alts are 95% scams imo.

  18. Bitcoin is strong right now, but at some point some of these alt coins are going to come back with the thunder. Bitcoin should be everybody's main holding, but Bitcoin will not be used for everything. Supply Chain management ? Why ?

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