NEW Bitcoin Price Prediction | Here Is How BTC Can Reach $288,000 After Bitcoin Halving

Most of you’re aware of the unique bitcoin inventory to movement mannequin, not too long ago Plan B barely modified the mannequin and got here up with even larger BTC worth goal. In this video I’ll clarify how this mannequin predicts $288Okay per BTC typically after bitcoin halving.

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NEW Bitcoin Price Prediction | Here Is How BTC Can Reach $288,000 After Bitcoin Halving

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  4. —————–

    That theory is totally meaningless.

    Logic 101


    Value => (implies) Scarcity

    does NO mean

    Scarcity => (implies) Value

    i.e. (Value, Scarcity) is not a logical equivalence.

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  6. This is interesting because my personal feeling is it will sail right past $100k and hit $250k+ at it's peak so $288k sounds right about in line with this prediction.

  7. Until now I dont understand how bitcoin going to be acknowledge as money because of this very high volatility. Today you bought a product costs 8k then later weeks its 6k and then 10k and after a year its 100k and then drop down to 30ks. Thats fucking mess up.

  8. great video as always ! YES, NO One Knows for sure…BUT CONSIDER THIS : There are a total of 46.8 million millionaires worldwide, according to the report, and they collectively own approximately $158.3 trillion in FIAT.. AND there will ever only be  21 Million Bitcoin minted EVER .. DO the Math . Get Some Bitcoin. Your Future self Will thank you !(more info on my channel)

  9. Soon or latter BTC will be stopped by governments. They don´t want slaves to make money on something that they don´t control.
    And they don´t like competition.

  10. Bitcoin is showing bullish signs above the $9,700 level against the US Dollar. BTC could start a strong pre-halving rally if it breaks the $10,000 resistance and the 100-day simple moving average. The leading crypto asset is at an especially pivotal junction that could shape the future of the asset in the near and long term. The goal s to aim for 20 btc as John Mcafee advised before Bitcoin Halving Well i was raised a practical business person who is always taking advantage of any market situation to build a better life for myself. As a trader, i feel it is still best we take the best out of the market by trading wisely and building a very strong portfolio mostly now that the market is starting a new bull race. For me, it's been so profitable lately because i was so lucky to know of a pro trader and signal provider known as Alvin Tyler, his daily signals has been so helpful and well timed to execute trades correctly. Last month i was able to grow a total of 6.9btc having traded with my 0.9btc which you would agree with me is a good profit. I would also advice any trader willing to grow a very strong portfolio ahead of the next bull market to make use of Alvin’s daily signals, Alvin can be contacted via Whatspp: +447380358171 and Telgram @Alvintyler for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

  11. For 288k $ you guys need to wait 10 Yrs 🙂 real life give us maximum 25k $ this year.
    11,5k $ is a maximum to gain until BTC halving ( 3 days ) , but after that we can expect rise much more than that.

  12. This is a bit misleading. The accuracy is not 99%. The regression line has a 99% fit to past data which is not the same thing. Even Plan B states that all models fail but some are useful. He has given guidance to determine what would indicate a model failure and actually had a different model he was working on that did fail. I firmly believe Bitcoin is going much higher and the S2F model has been an accurate guide in the past. The future is always unknown. HODL on!

  13. But then how do you feel about stocks soaring after unemployment figures were out in early april – can we expect something similar tomorrow? Also with unemployment filings declining now (which is a primary reason for the S&P500 to soar currently)

  14. BITCOIN WILL DESTROY ALL ALTCOINS !!! MARK MY WORDS !!! …. some of the technologies will survive and be merged around the BTC ecosystem … but all those shitcoins will die …

  15. Keep in mind that bitcoin did not face an economic recession since it's inception so the s2f might portrait a wrong image at the moment

  16. I did tell be careful of warren buffet . This guy is shrewd….he has sold most of his stocks and is in cash while telling others to buy

  17. Thanks for the nice video. Can you examine how bitcoin future markets dictate the price.

    I am pretty sure that because the bitcoin futures markets are settled in cash that anyone or any govt with infinite money printing ability can set the bitcoin price at whatever they want. Almost to the day since bitcoin has been traded on CME futures the price has been lack lustre and continuously smashed down. It may never be allowed to rise from here

  18. Hi, the data is clearly suggesting, that growth in the exponential space is logarithmic, not linear. So I think, that the old model is more reasonable. However I will model this myself so I can track its evolution and decide myself, which way Bitcoin is going. You seem to be a mathematical person. What are you doing in your normal life?

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