My Mining Rig makes $500 a DAY?! Bitmain Antminer A3 ASIC SIAcoin Miner + A3 Setup Guide

When I ordered my Antminer A3 from Bitmain final week the revenue calculators reminiscent of whattomine pegged this legendary asic miner at making ~$800 USD per day in fact I didn’t imagine that. I checked this morning as my miner was scheduled to be delivered and this mining rig was projected to nonetheless clear $400 per day. . properly on this video I’m going over the right way to setup your Bitmain Antminer A3 syncing it as much as – Watch my A3 on that pool –

Is the Antminer A3 the perfect miner ever? Maybe for at this time however its laborious to say for tomorrow, subscribe to VoskCoin as we offer continued protection on this Antminer together with the remainder of the cryptocurrency mining scene + donate SIA right here!
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What YOU NEED to KNOW earlier than investing in SIAcoin!

Bitmain Antminer A3 pool settings (SiaMining)
URL = stratum+tcp://
Worker = e6374ba7874a7c441d277320f99398a39999179dfa26932aa38291f18487b564d8953a17efa2.voskcoin
Password = x

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  1. URL:
    Worker: YourSiacoinAddress.WorkerName
    Password: x

    its that simple to setup your miner from the config screen

    the difficulty is so high right now 1 A3 antminer will get you 400-450 coins per day
    the coins value is approx 26$ per 1000 coins

    Miners: 13,055
    Price: 25.84 $/kSC

    Hash Rate: 21,394 TH/s
    Difficulty: 26,902,910 TH……… of today

  2. is there a way to email Vosk directly? I have a few questions. I am about to start my own farm with my boss funding me. So basically I don't want to mess this opportunity up. Vosk how can I contract you? Facebook? email? phone?

  3. are these even profitable? sounds like it drops to $40 a day for a month and then to $10 a day. does it take like 3 months to break even and then after that your just getting enough for lunch each day? Dont get me wrong that's free money at that point which is great but the risk to get that modest output seems high (risk being if btc/sia or whatever you're mining goes up in difficulty or drops in value during those 2-3 months you are tryin to get to ROI). I guess theres also that coolness factor of just being a miner that makes it worth it win or lose.

  4. I am new to your Channel… "Your a trip Guy"…  You definitely want to do more LIVE!  Looks like you left it unedited… Super CHOICE… Real is Real…  Am 70 years and just starting in Mining..

  5. so how much is enough? do we as miners continue trying to hoard all the coins to ourselves by buying more and more equipment..or is there a point at which we succumb to being a part of society?

  6. also have to ask what the name of your race is of your dog my girlfriend is seeing watching your channel and she keeps on saying what a nice dog it looks like a mini fox.

  7. Off topic question.
    I have one GTX 1050TI from MSI,two 1050TI from ASUS.But now i have problem with warm
    cables,i first connected 6pin to PCIE slot(8 pin) on PSU two power two
    GPU from ASUS,and one SATA on other PCIE slot on PSU to power one from
    MSI,do you have some solution for that?Thanks.

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