Monero Review: Why XMR NEEDS Your Attention

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1:04 Introduction
2:41 Privacy Technology
4:40 Monero Compared to Zcash
5:19 Monero Mining
6:50 XMR Economics
8:17 Development & Community
9:21 Current Development & Roadmap
10:40 XMR Market Overview
12:00 Potential Threats
13:00 Conclusion


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? Project Overview ?

Monero is a peer-to-peer digital money that was developed particularly for privateness. Given the untraceable nature of its blockchain, it’s maybe the closest that you’ll get to a totally nameless cryptocurrency.

Monero was constructed on the cryptonote protocol and was launched again in 2014. It was borne out of a disagreement with a developer and the broader group. Eventually, the Monero core group determined to fork the code and with it start the Monero journey.

?? Technology ??

The two key elements of Monero’s tech are its Stealth addresses and ring signatures.

With a stealth handle, Monero permits a sender to create a one-time public handle for each single transaction on behalf of the recipient. However, the recipient can nonetheless use a single handle that receives all incoming funds.

Monero has carried out these ring signatures into their transaction protocol. It will make use of your non-public key together with a hoop of attainable different signers on the community.

Monero doesn’t have opt-in privateness. Everyone is required to make use of the non-public transactions by default.

Monero is a proof-of-work cryptocurrency and up until very lately, it used to used to make use of the Cryptonight hashing algorithm. However, on the 30th of November there was an improve that moved to the RandomX algorithm.

Monero is a cryptocurrency that’s tryign to maintain up the struggle towards ASIC mining machines and has been adapting its code with the intention to render these gadgets moot. This is nice information for GPU miners. RandomX was additionally optimised for CPU mining.

?? Token ?

The native foreign money behind Monero is XMR. This coin was launched with none ICO, pre-mine or founder’s fund. It sits comfortably within the high 20 of market cap rankings and has the very best market cap of every other privateness coin.

It at present has a circulating provide of simply over 17 million. There isn’t any max provide as there will likely be tail emmission of 0.6XMR indefinetely from May of 2022.

???? Team, Partners & Development ???

Monero is a totally open supply mission with a wide selection of builders engaged on it. There is a core group of builders engaged on Monero. One of probably the most well-known of those is Riccardo Spagni a.okay.a fluffypony.

As an open supply mission, Monero has to depend on donations from the general public with the intention to fund new initiatives. This is completed by means of their Community Crowdfunding System or CCS.

There has been rather a lot happening in Monero Repos over the previous two years. On high of the forks that had been executed to stave off the ASICs, there have been quite a few enhancements and optimisations.

These embrace such updates similar to bulletproofs in addition to the work happening on Kovri. This is a C++ implementation of the I2P community.

? Trading & Wallets ?

Monero is a fairly standard cryptocurrency. It does effectively over 100 million {dollars} a day in day by day buying and selling quantity.

It is listed on a platforms similar to Binance, Kraken, Huobi, Bittrex and many others. It additionally does a complete host of quantity on some lesser recognized offshore ones.

There are additionally fairly robust order books for XMR on the person exchanges and they’re deep with a considerable amount of turnover.


? Disclaimer ?

The info contained herein is for informational functions solely. Nothing herein shall be construed to be monetary authorized or tax recommendation. The content material of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who just isn’t a licensed monetary advisor or registered funding advisor. Trading Forex, cryptocurrencies and CFDs poses appreciable threat of loss. The speaker doesn’t assure any explicit end result.

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  1. This is your best review! This coin is one that I have yet to research. I watched John McAfee yesterday talk about how the criminals like this coin. LOL! As an example my only wallet for MONERO is my Exodus wallet but the exchange function does not support this or DGB. SO I need to buy from
    Another random function can be Mixing. There are coin mixing sights that mix coins. Well there is no reason that you can't get a new coin wallet and buy Monero then sell back for said coin and do your mixing this way. It's also nice that the community is looking out for privacy. Most of this stuff I don't understand so it's good they have my back. Lol!!!!😂😂😂😄😃😀😍
    It's all about utility, if privacy is your priority then this is a good choice. If speed is your priority then this is not your best option. It depends on what you want. Thanks again for the video!

  2. Monero doesn't seem to have the hype concurrent with it's place on the market cap list or it's fantastic tech. From what I hear it is a favourite on the Dark Web, which means it has a lot of use for people worldwide. Seems like just a solid and relevant project which has fallen out of mass attention due to its age and maybe lack of promotion? Great video bruv!

  3. Thanks for a great video. I also like privacy coins, but my current favourite is PIVX. They're currently undergoing a reinvention, implementing very interesting new features.

  4. Dash is the advanced version of Bitcoin.

    Monero has been successfully hacked and attacked. 3 years worth of transactions open for all to see. It is slow, expensive, bloat.

    You only appear to talk about good things about a coin and this is very misleading… Monero isn't as private as people… few coins if any can master privacy. Beam is coming closest to it so far… but DASH is hard cash in the crypto world.

  5. The sad fact that Monero is not the number one crypto proves beyond any doubt that people DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE TRUE VALUE OF FREEDOM, PRIVACY, AND CRYPTOCURRENCY. If they did… Monero would be number one by a massive landslide, and all other cryptos would be judged against it.

  6. Iam telling u what. Xmr team has to do the work again regarding randomx. When iam gonna be able to mine some decent amount of monero everyday, then is gonna be interesting. Until that is just fucking digital slavery my friend 🙂

  7. Im very Bullish XMR long term. unfortunately I sold my XMR some time ago (while above $180) as it was clear there are troubled times ahead for this great & true REAL MONEY. I eagerly await regulatory clarity on privacy coins so that their future can be further considered. Until legal clarity happens we have not seen the true bottom. I look forward to the time I can invest. Until then it is my favorite currency (despite not holding it) and will gladly transact in it for short term if the opportunity presents. I also mine Monero , its a GREAT coin to mine! but change to Eth as soon as possible. Monero really represents true financial freedom with all the good and bad that truly holds. Great reviews.

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