Monero Random X What ever will we do?!

ubit pci risers

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Monero Random X What ever will we do?!

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  1. yea it kinda sux for rx cards
    but u had to figure it when nvidias started pushing the same performance per watt
    and u had to know for sure when radeonVii and especially 5700xt came out
    its not so bad for someone like me that bought my cards in 2016/early 2017
    i can sell my cards for $50 a pop and will just add to the money the cards have made

  2. Just point them at Vertcoin with Lycl miner, Team Red miner, or there own “One Click Miner”. It will ALWAYS be GPU mineable..
    Not the most profitable, but it’s there when u need it, & GPU miners should support projects that support them.. Cheers!

  3. You do realize that your comment on getting only the AMD cards is kind of dumb, don't you? With the Monero algo change, AMD cards will only be good at 1 algo, ethhash. So that's pretty idiotic to encourage people to buy this obsolete hardware, kinda like ASICs. On the other hand, nVidia cards can mine anything and everything in the world, any coin, any algo, with great efficiency. I would encourage people to buy GeForce 1660 and 1660 TI instead of the AMD cards. Also, there is a new good graphics card coming out:
    GTX 1660 Super Reportedly Coming Next Month
    Link to the article:,40474.html

    Why the f**k would anyone in their sane mind want to buy AMD cards?
    Come on, dude, wake up a bit more.

  4. OK then if gpus are out what do i do not and is there a way to run 2 different mining software without any bottlenecks so my gpus can mind a different cryptocurrency and have my cpu mind xmr and what type of cpu would be good for a okay prices

  5. Pick up a cheap dell Hp Xeon duel core server the e5 5650 6 core x 2 doing 5000+ randomx at 300 watts. Got 1 for €150 now to find 3 more 😍 price of a ryzen 9 but get 20+ for €600 can’t be bad but make your money in 1st month before the rush ! Can see a lot office servers slowing abit up to Xmas 😉

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