Monero Defcon27 Village – Saturday Livestream

Livestream of the Monero Defcon village talks in Las Vegas. Time stamps under.

0:00:00 – 0:58:52 Keynote Speech: Mass Surveillance, Mass Incarceration, and Militarized Police: We’re Creating a Dystopian Society Jeremy Gillula, Tech Projects Director

1:15:01 – 1:40:52 The Cost of Good Open-Source Software Amir Montazery, Open Source Technology Improvement Fund (OSTIF)

1:59:29 – 2:30:28 Monero is UGLY and DIFFICULT to make use of! Diego “rehrar” Salazar

2:59:54 – 3:26:00 What Happens when the Block Reward Runs Out? The Critical Role of the Minimum Block Reward (Tail Emission) in Monero. Francisco “ArticMine” Cabañas, Member of the Monero Core Team

6:30:07 – 7:02:06 Improving Monero’s Release Schedule Justin Ehrenhofer, Regulatory Compliance Analyst at DV Trading and Organizer of the Monero Community Workgroup

7:14:27 – 7:55:02 InfoSec v Hacker: The War for the Soul of a Technology Allan Stevo, Chief of Staff at Kraken Exchange

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