Market Analysts Naeem Aslam and Ian Balina Debate Coronavirus and Crypto

In right now’s crypto market dialogue, Cointelegraph is joined by crypto analyst Naeem Aslam, and the CEO of Tokenmetrics Ian Balina to debate the affect of the coronavirus on the cryptocurrency markets. 

Will the financial impacts of the coronavirus go away individuals flocking to cryptocurrencies as a secure haven?

Naeem Aslam is skeptical of Bitcoin’s purported ‘safe haven’ standing, emphasizing that Bitcoin is a haven from central financial institution financial coverage, and never infectious illnesses:

“I think when we talk about Bitcoin as a safe haven asset, we’re really talking about in relation to central banks and their monetary policies. Right now, we don’t have that fear in the market right now. The fear in the market is about influence of coronavirus […] when we have something going wrong with the monetary policy, then, yes, we could see the momentum coming in because obviously Bitcoin the entire fundamentals base against the traditional monetary policy that the central banks are running.”

Ian Balina rejected the suggestion that crypto and coronavirus are correlated, stating: 

“We personally don’t invest or trade on specific events […] the coronavirus has not shown to be correlated analysis with Bitcoin or crypto in general. So because Bitcoin is a global asset class with numerous global events happening in tandem and it’s very hard to pinpoint one particular event as being the catalyst, I think perhaps indirectly the equities markets having a huge selloff where over 1.7 trillion dollars was lost in a few days and I think crypto could be really just playing off of that.”

The pair additionally share their long-term outlooks for the crypto markets, the possible affect of the upcoming halving, and whether or not Ethereum will surpass Bitcoin by market cap within the subsequent ten years. Don’t miss it!

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