Live With Alex Mashinsky (CEO Of Celsius – Earn Interest On Your Crypto) March 25th, 2020

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Live With Alex Mashinsky (CEO Of Celsius - Earn Interest On Your Crypto) March 25th, 2020

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  1. Omar, you are an excellent interviewer. What about OPEC tanking the oil price, which kicks the frackers, whose securities turn to junk, so banks have to sell, some banks wiped out, and walla, liquidity crisis? IMO, the pin was OPEC and Covid-19 is making it worse. This crisis will hopefully result in a real bolstering of medical preparedness and universal health care for US citizens.

  2. Great work here Omar. Really cool that Alex jumped on. Keep doing these awesome vids. You're doing great my friend!

  3. Damn. That opening statement was like a 5 minute run on sentence with no breathe! That’s lung power!

  4. I use Celcius myself and I did withdraw all funds in celebration of proof of keys. I did not put the crypto back yet as I saw all this coming and moved to hardware wallets. So my guy is a liar or misinformed about things he is pushing hard as the truth and therefore not trust worthy.

  5. I bought $800 bucks of this coin! Finance big sector!
    Hold a piece of them all!

  6. Thanks for the video Omar! I have a very good experience with Celsius and appreciate its no-fee style and coumpond interests.
    (For new users Bertrandac8f is my referral code. We'll both get $10 in BTC if you make a first deposit of $200 in crypto or more using it!)

  7. What If the us government makes the digital dollar and not the fed? Keep it separate. Would that save us?

  8. I’ve been using Celsius myself and have met Alex at two different conferences. Very happy with them.

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