Live W/ Amaury SECHET (deadaln????i??????x??????????) – “Benevolent Dictator” Of Bitcoin ABC

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Live W/ Amaury SECHET (deadaln????i??????x??????????) - "Benevolent Dictator" Of Bitcoin ABC

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  4. Omar, I stopped donating small amount to your channel when I kept trying to communicate and had no response. After 1 year I felt my donations and small monthly support were better sent other places

  5. "How did you end up running Bitcoin ABC and developing that client software"? Doesn't answer the question at all. Instead answers why. Interviewer let's him get away with it.

  6. Great interveiw. I dont see bitcoin abc winning the bch name and infrastructure. So i think it would be better if abc just launch an independent project that has nothing to do with bch.

    This would mean abc could premine the funds they need for development.

    Forking of from bch would lead to them having a smaller market cap and the big bch whales would dump the price of the abc coin. Which would destroy value from the people that believe in abc. Same happened with bitcoincash. bitcoin holders who got free bch dumped their bch and destroyed the value of bch supporters.

  7. Thanks for the interview. The idea that ABC will take the money for personal use and/or will stop working if they get paid better was fabricated by social engineering firms. It is dishonest to assume that will be true (even though the dishonesty is well hidden by the professionally-crafted social engineering) and disrespectful to act like you see no reason ABC would continue to do the work they have been doing for 3 years when getting paid even less. I understand the need to ask the question is strong due to the "mob" mentality on social media eating up the false assumptions provided by the anti-BCH forces. It is sad to see though. I do not blame you, but just wanted you to hear the other side.

  8. Loving the interviews. Great direction. Can you get Theta execs on? Let me know if you need help to connect – matic too

  9. This interview is unwatchable because im getting a nigerian ethereum scam every 1 minute . Youtube needs to fix their platform

  10. So much misleading information here. Segwit was a block size increase. Bitcoin can scale on other layers. Bitcoin can do smart contracts on other layers. Bitcoin is the most spent cryptocurrency as currency.

  11. "[failed big blockers from BTC era] are only [in BCH] because they have nowhere else to go"

    Some people are not going to like facing that truth.

  12. Very good video Omar. Particularly insightful at (1:18:06) where Amaury highlights that we are in the end-game of fiat. That Bitcoin Cash should be positioned as the alternative.

  13. I might have to wait for the LBRY version of this. Only 13 minutes in and already have had to report five or six different YouTube accounts advertising ETH giveaway scams. There might be another twenty! It's taken 25 minutes to watch 13 minutes.

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