Live Trading & Chart Analysis – Stock Market, Gold & Silver, Bitcoin – November 25, 2020

Learn the way to commerce the markets for revenue. Spending one session will set you on the trail towards always worthwhile. We concentrate on the simplest & finest market which is Forex foreign money pairs on the eight hour timeframe. Bitcoin, gold & silver, S&P 500 & Nasdaq.

We take a look at the markets reside collectively on a regular basis. You can be part of the telegram channel under and be notified after we go reside every day at 9am EST Monday-Friday.

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DISCLAIMER: These movies are for instructional functions solely. Nothing on this video must be construed as monetary recommendation or a suggestion to purchase or promote any kind of safety or funding. Consult with knowledgeable monetary adviser earlier than making any monetary choices. Investing generally and choices buying and selling particularly is dangerous and has the potential for one to lose most or all of their preliminary funding

Live Trading & Chart Analysis - Stock Market, Gold & Silver, Bitcoin - November 25, 2020

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Patricia Bakely

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  1. With BTC reaching the last high before Thanks Giving and with a pullback now in mid-flow I wonder if the conversation at the dinner table will turn negative and we will get a deeper pullback than expected.

  2. Jordan is about providing real clarity on trades, but he is also very easy to listen to…the monologue is quick and logical and even entertaining…

  3. Hello. I would like to interest you in a Polish ccc company whose shares are growing rapidly. Now it is in a minor recession so it is worth going in. from 28 November, shopping malls will be open in Poland after closing, but the company is developing e-commerce very quickly. this is not spam although I write to a lot of people.

  4. Hey Jordan, did you see what Ray Dalio said about bitcoin 🙄… If I didn't find you and this community I'd be so off track that's for sure… Anyway you have yourself an absolutely awesome Thanksgiving my brother ❤️ much love stay safe best wishes from your brother down in South Africa… 🇿🇦

  5. Jordan you're awesome. I get where I was wrong on bitcoin now at least in the mid term by looking at your videos. Thank you for calling me out a few weeks ago. Happy Thanksgiving

  6. Calling Janet Y terrible, does not explain what she should have done differently. Calling names, being political, to villify someone without discussing evidence…
    I remember someone here 3 weeks ago "guaranteeing RIOTs, regardless of who won the election". How did that help us for trading the US markets? That prediction was wrong and instead people rejoiced in the streets. And look what the markets did!
    So if we must judge let's look back, $6 trill later, 250k lost, 20 mil unemployed still, what did we get from the WH, Fed and Secretary for the people in need this year. Dr.s cant get enough ppe still. People politically not wearing masks, foodlines and no or slow tests making them almost worthless, still after all that spend over 10 months.
    I for one am looking for trading facts here, not villification of Bidens picks, heck they are not even in office yet.
    Maybe someday you can have a politics impact on trading- session. Im sure we all would learn something. Like YCharts analysis reports of SP returns over 50 years with Democrats ave 12% returns and 3% for GOP. Lots of caveats to cover I'm sure….
    Hope we can focus on trades here .

  7. I FINALLY got a winning short term trade today: Exited a small BTC position early this a.m. after carefully listening to this morning's podcast. Made $1200 on the trade. Now awaiting a larger pullback before I go all in on BTC (GBTC)

  8. Write me to my email above ☝️ to give you guidelines as a beginner on forex and binary trading to whom it may concern on making huge profits weekly hoping to get your reply soon.

  9. Thanks Jordan. Two questions: Do you exit your investment positions in bitcoin when the charts tell you to, or do you have a long term/investment position that you do not touch, and a separate trading position? What is the time commitment for your trading course? Like how many hours per week for how many weeks.

  10. Thanks Jordan had to catch this one late i am curious as to how high you think XRP could go i have already made my position free o the rest i just want to ride out 😆

  11. thanks for the info! you rock. (I see Gold touching on your shifted trend line i didn't like! kudos ✔to you.)

  12. I think you should extend your prime trendlines further to the right. Pullbacks may be just going to one of those as well on S&P, etc.

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