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  1. Of course, there is a huge pushback by this government, they are the ones that flooded the world with their phoney funny money backed by nothing but force, rape, overthrow, manipulation, control, and deception forcing the rest of the world to accept the federal reserve note as the worlds reserve currency. The US Dollar bill is as the Sanhedrin were to Christ, Christ as bitcoin, When the Sanhedrin found out Christs real powers, that he was real who he said he was, they had to plot to kill him, it wasn't the jews……thus its the same as this government.
    Bitcoin is real. It has real monetary value that does not depreciate. The United States government cannot handle that! They are like the Sanhedrin right now trying to figure out how to deal with [bitcoin], the Christ!!! And bitcoin is forcing this United States government funny money to come out in the limelight and expose it for what it is, a paper fraud, backed by nothing but hot air and alot of bigmouthed egoists who thought they were powerful enough to CONTROL the world's economic system. Well now, thats all coming to an end isn't it? As they hung Christ on the cross lets see how this government handles bitcoin in the future?
    They murdered Christ but he arose again to become a giant, larger than ever before to encompass the whole entire world…….

  2. Inverse Head and Shoulders 4h?…it might still play out but so far fake out!
    HS pattern are not the best reliable patterns and only after breaking the neckline.
    But nops I have no LTC.

  3. Thanks Bo. We're trying to put them away, with some silver along they way. It's a slow trickle though. It was a dilemma, sign up, or try and put the hard earned towards at least some litecoin, as there wasn't enough hard earned to do both. Edged the side of litecoin. Keep up the good work. God Bless.

  4. Thank you Bo Polny. I subscribed to your index a week ago and am looking forward to what is set to come. Thanks for you honest and insightful guidance through these difficult times.

  5. No coin is going anywhere untill we hit bottom around 1.8 to 2.2k..
    Last time also u said Bitcoin touched bottom in April…lie with confidence and music that is what something special about this channel..

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