Litecoin Price Prediction 2021!! My $2,00zero LTC Theory Explained

Discussing The potential value goal for Litecoin in 2021! Looking at Litecoin vs Bitcoin, Institutional inflows, The Litecoin chart sample plus extra!


00:00 Video Explanation

01:19 Litecoin LTC value prediction & How I got here to this conclusion

06:06 The supporting proof for this value prediction

15:06 Potential dangers which might cease Litecoin performing effectively this cycle

18:25 The remainder of The Cryptocurrency Markets & Final Thoughts

21:04 Like, Subscribe & What are your ideas about Litecoin this cycle?

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Litecoin Price Prediction 2021!! My $2,00zero LTC Theory Explained

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  1. Ltc is out of the radars indeed
    84 million of coins it's 4 times btc ! wether its btc or ethereum, at the end of the day it's about the supply and demand right ? Does litecoin could be the silver ?

  2. This guy's an OG. Looking at all the best resources, no hype and looking at both sides – Stock to Flow 🔥 keep up the good analysis

  3. LTC will go above 20k. It's not a typo, I said over $20k. LTC has been always undervalued. LTC real value is just 4 times less than BTC. Take that into perspective every time you want to buy LTC.

  4. i wish. im still only half way back to break even on my LTC bag i bought in dec 2017. if i ever break even on that dog, im out.

  5. Litecoin is associated with Bitcoin due to it being a fork. It has name recognition due to being around so long. Institutional money will go first to eth and then Litecoin after the BTC dominance drops strictly on its BTC association. Possibly beyond 2000 imo

  6. fantastic analogy! you just got a new sub.
    I still think litecoin will outperform other assets because, like bitcoin, it will be seen as a cheaper and more affordable store of value. Infact, id says millennials and those after them will take a liking to it.
    I should also add that given its faster transaction speed as well, it could pick up the "payment utility" along the way. I'm bullish on litecoin.

  7. Yes, folks, listen to this man. Even if your long-term goal is to own whole Bitcoins, Litecoin is a better buy right now. Bitcoin is at its all-time high today, while Litecoin is a bargain at 170 USD. Grab as much LTC as you can afford and watch the BTC per LTC ratio. Any time you can buy LTC at lower than 0.0051 BTC, it's a bargain. When it gets up to 0.02 BTC, you can buy BTC using your LTC . Or you can play smaller swings short-term. Get rich, be safe, have fun and good luck. 🙂

  8. Litecoin developing new coin with tron, litecoin will hand out these coins to litecoin holders once the price if litecoin reaches its past highest price, the will the act as future support and resistance

    You can see what Charlie's doing, he's going to push the price of litecoin too 1000 by using the same strategies as xrp and eth, but doing it that way lol litecoin still holds its value and keep its self steady to 1000 and that's what banks and investors what to see

  9. Litecoin is working together with tron to create a new coin for 2921,I can see what's happening now, litecoin will give out these coins to litecoin holders and tron holders, but they will only realise it when litecoin get near to its next high which will not only form the

  10. Great explanation however LTC is the Letrin Titanic Coin aka s%$# coin by its creator. Lee SODL and he did not keep even 1 LTC.. total greed…

  11. I still see Cryptocurrency as one of the best digital investment and I totally love the technology when it comes to the largest Crypto asset Bitcoin.

  12. Thank you!!!! Before watching I bought 6 shares of the light coin grey… your contrasting and explains agrees with my brain thought process. Great work explaining and showing examples. Keep up the good work. Mahalo with Aloha for Kauai the Garden Island of the Hawaiian Islands. Cheers!!!!

  13. I have €1800 in savings, I want to invest in crypto for the long run, what way should I split the percentage for bit coin and lite coins, any help would be greatly appreciated!!

  14. Exactly. My friend in Germany has almost all Litecoin, most of which he bought by trading his Bitcoin for it. He says just what you say: a 2000 Litecoin will be here soon:)

  15. Litecoin will hit around $800, been in crypto when bitcoin was one dollar, actually used to trade it to gamble in call of duty but at that time we just expected it to sit at 1dollar now here we are today lol bitcoin at 25,000 lmao, Holy shit I had 150 bitcoin at one point, sold the lot well lost the lot lol but I do actually own litecoin, mostly because I still play the the old gamers still but it's just convinced to pay with litecoin, litecoin will pin to the asset price of one kg of silver and bitcoin will pin to the price of 1kg of gold, it's just undoubtedly no more no less

  16. Once eth and bitcoin blow up and the price gets to expensive, people gravitate to litecoin since litecoin and bitcoin are almost similar basically becoming digital silver

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