Litecoin $LTC | Will Litecoin be the medium of alternate of the longer term?

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In this episode with the Crypto Cowboys we check out Litecoin and dive into why we imagine this cryptocurrency will probably be a medium of alternate of the longer term together with Bitcoin. Is Litecoin really the silver to Bitcoin’s gold standing within the cryptocurrency market?


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  1. To all of the people who STILL doesn’t get it by now LITECOIN will be the means of exchange that we daily use in a couple of years nooooo way in hell xrp or xlm or nano or omisego etc will EVER beat LTC for a means of exchange the sonner y’all realized this and get on the band wagon the better chance you’ll be set financially when CRYPTO becomes and everyday use 🙏👍✊

  2. Thank you for this video. One minor correction, technically Litecoin is a clone (copy) of Bitcoin, it is not a fork as stated in the video. If it were a fork of like Bitcoin like BItcoin Cash is, then it would share the same genesis block.

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