Litecoin trying more healthy than ever because it consolidates from swing excessive near $150 LTC. What is subsequent for Litecoin value? I focus on on this Litecoin dwell stream.

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Crypto Capital Venture is huge on Litecoin, but additionally covers different cryptocurrency information in addition to simply LTC. The crypto market is on the rise and with it’s a rising demand for info on the cryptocurrency markets.

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  1. Dan, I've followed you for 2 years or so. Never missed a single vid. I've learned a lot..Not only about cryptos but generally. I want to thank you for all your efforts you keep putting in your channel. The most priceless advice I took on board is: Patience. See you soon. God bless.

  2. THANK YOU, so sick of hearing that alts are dead everyone is BTC punch drunk, all they did is dump their alts at the bottom and bought BTC in the middle of at the top of the pump

  3. you do realize that we had fucking 18 months of consolidation and correcting… and you want this shit to go lower?? fuck if that's the case, why not just bring it down to pre-2017 prices… That we we can all just do micro pump and dumps and never have the price go into the $1000s for LTC or the $100Ks for BTC…

  4. Bought some LTC at $86…think it's going a few bucks lower but I'm o.k. with $86. What do you guys think of ETH sinking down to $215? If BTC continues lower as expected then ETH may go under $200. That'll be the best buy, imo.

  5. Crypto is one of the most revolutionary currencies in human history, these are volatile times and our previous knowledge about economics, integration, and technology hasn’t prepared us for it. Save responsibly and stay positive!

  6. I’m enjoying watching this go down😂😂😂 I see this as a flash sale. I saw guys selling for losses and I find it hilarious😂😂😂 I’ve got strong hands and not worried one bit.

  7. Unless the comments are constructive filter the others out. It's a test for your emotions. I recently found your channel and I feel real lucky. I appreciate your abilities and huge efforts.

  8. Thanks to you i was ready somewhat for what is happening now. I choose my own strategy to anticipate on that and YES! i lost some doing so but that's some 4% compared to 40-50% loss i'd otherwise be looking at right now for perhaps moths to come! Try to feel compassionate to the haters bc they were blinded by greed and their brain wasn't receptive for downside scenarios. You are not to blame!

  9. The realness you bring to the table is paramount. I’ve compared you to other channels and by far your ability to put out content that is not just crowd pleasing is so valuable. Your sincerity is noticed and appreciated. Respect!

  10. 99.9% of all Altcoins will go away! Including Cripple XRP Corporate Centralized Tokens and Btrash A.K.A Bcash AKA Roger Ver the felon Token. BTC is the new Gold, LTC is the new Silver.

  11. Litecoin is overall a very good coin , but the politics and hype behind it is notorious. The Litepay fiasco and the phoney Abra Exchange hype all turned out to be duds. I have a feeling the halving next month is going to be another disappointment. Hope I'm wrong.

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