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  1. my man, it's not worth this Opteron, you have a cost of 140 for the motherboard, dealing with power supply connectors, buggy software, refurbished and use things, for 2500hs per CPU, with a cost of 180 deals per 5000hs maybe 6000 well optimize, instead you can buy ryzen 2600 for 120 bucks or 1600 for 70 or 80 bucks use, and have almost the same hash rate, much better hardware and resale value, less money and much less trouble, sorry my bad English

  2. Monerooo! Long time XMR miner here =) have always mined with (almost) each and every CPU I own and all AMD cards =) Agree with calling RandomX drastic – I loved the whole 6 month (or shorter) interval with updating miners and living the glory days, but I understand that it must be exhausting for the poor devs. I would not know if I'd say it will be inefficient for AMD cards, I am not sure if we can compare CN-R to RandomX hashrates directly as we just don't know how the landscape will be as a whole – we will know after the difficulty adjusts =D Even more reasons to jump to 3900X as main workstation (and off-time-miner). Cheers man m/ P.s.: funny that the benchmarks have more threads and light mode than in fast mode).

  3. I'm an electrician or was and I'm super into mining since getting back into crypto this year but I'm afraid to spend my money on proof of work cuz I just do not see a future for it not long term excluding privacy coins that have an actual use .proof of work almost killed Bitcoin before it got started if it weren't for the world's desperate need of a deflationary store value we wouldn't have Bitcoin right now or no one would know about it. Libra just confirmed my beliefs vitalic buterin also sees this he is scrambling its desperate and sad and I sold all my eth for xrp

  4. So like I said I love mining but at the moment proof of work does not work for retail needs. bch was a Band-Aid for BTC now BCH is going to be a Band-Aid for etherium? what is this clown world? If Vitalik were serious he would use xrp but then the problem becomes why even use etherium to begin with? Oh yeah pump-and-dump icos. But remember guys ripple is the scam. Its funny to say that because there are so many different ways to scam people using proof of work it already has happened many times nobody has ever been scammed by consensus. if you think Joe public is going to buy something today here China is in control of you're mistaken. When I do start mining it will be zcash privacy coins will always be here and be important and it got a shout-out from winklevoss twins so they are about to pump it.

  5. Got my 3700X and have been mining Monero with it. Possibly looking at getting a 3900X or 3950X down the track. It's crazy how much compute power they have over the Threadripper 2nd Gen.

  6. DUDE, the hashrate relative to the old hashrate is 100% MEANINGLESS, there is ZERO reason to give a flying fuck about how the new hashrate compares to the old because once the fork happens everyone is on the same playing field, so relative to the old is meaningless, it's like comparing the hashrate of Ethereum to the hashrate of Grin31, thats just NOT how things work, you don't do that. The only thing that matters is the GPU hashrate versus the CPU hashrate, the question is how do you compare the GPU hashrates to the CPU hashrates, since the CPU's have Fast and Slow which one of those is what the GPU's use?

  7. You gotta be kidding. I've already got a bunch of money tied up in Vegas and RX580s, because I thought Monero was the shizzle. It was the only privacy coin that was doing things right. Then Fluffy Pony stepped off the stage, and things have gone to sh!t with that project ever since. A ton of new forks, god only knows how many Cryptonight sh!t coins got spawned, and the mining software can barely keep up with the constant changes. Now RandomX throws all the GPU miners and software writers under the bus that helped keep this trainwreck afloat during the crash? Yeah, like I am going to rush out there, and drop a bunch more cash on hardware, especially when the Devs are saying that they are going to go to an ASIC friendly algo if RandomX "doesn't work." As far as I am concerned, Monero is just another sh!t coin, and now I'm only mining it with my Vegas if the profit switcher says there isn't anything else I can run that is more profitable; which right now is most of the time. And I'm immediately exchanging it for Bitcoin. Good luck to all you CPU suckers out there, when the Devs decide to go SHA-256.

  8. If you're looking for RandomX benchmarks for CPUs along with power usage, I gathered all the benchmarks I could find and threw them on here:

    So far the Ryzen 9 3900X seems like the king when taking power usage into account and also considering the system can probably be resold whereas I'd guess it's harder to sell old server CPU and motherboards on the used market.

    Wrt. hash per $, I'm looking for a data source (API) that shows average cost per CPU so I can add a hash/$ column on the site, does anyone know one?

  9. I think you got those Opteron ebay prices kinda wrong- cpu from that benchmark costs around $1k not to mention rest of the stuff you would need. Anyway, Epyc tests are done – ~40kH 😐

  10. Best get your scene tied down. Monero is a leaky boat.
    Sept. 17th the top 15 cryptos all go up nicely but Monero is -3.5%??
    USA Regulations are NOT going to place this cryptocurrency in a good light. If you are steadfast prepare for a major drop in value. Anarchist alts are going to get smoked.

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