Last Week Crypto – Bitcoin Price To Over $500okay? (Fidelity Predicts $1 Million!)

This is the eighth episode of a weekly cryptocurrency information sequence referred to as Last Week Crypto.

We cowl the most recent international information tales affecting the cryptocurrency markets August 23rd by way of August 29th of 2020.

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In this episode we discuss in regards to the Fed’s new strategy to inflation, how the inventory market is nearing the sting of a cliff and hanging on by a thread because the US presidential election will get nearer, all whereas issues in crypto are trying extraordinarily brilliant and transferring insanely quick.

00:00 – Introduction

01:16 – Why to Have Accounts with Multiple Exchanges

02:07 – Warning About Instagram Scammers

03:22 – Market Movements

04:29 – Pop Quiz

05:11 – Powell Announces New Fed Approach to Inflation

05:43 – We Continue to Move Goal Posts & are Flying Blind

06:22 – Trillions in Interventions by the Fed should not a Sign of Strength

06:41 – What Happens once you Keep Filling a Balloon

06:57 – What Phase we’re in for Stock Market Bubble

07:14 – S&P 500 & Nasdaq Both Detached from Reality

07:40 – Warren Buffett’s Favorite Market Indicator Surged

08:23 – SEC Redefines Accredited Investors

09:40 – IMF Just did an Explainer video on Crypto

09:51 – Bitcoin value to $500,000: Winklevoss Lays out Case

10:57 – Fidelity Forecasts Bitcoin Rise to $1,000,000

11:59 – A Way to Own Your Own Bitcoin Retirement Account

12:34 – Real Life with Fiat as Wealth Measure

12:56 – Trying to Explain DeFi to my Normal Investor Friends

13:10 – Working in Crypto is like Compound Interest in your Time

13:33 – When Someone Tells you that Your Plan is Impossible…

14:40 – How to Find Out Where You Can Buy Any Cryptocurrency


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Last Week Crypto - Bitcoin Price To Over $500okay? (Fidelity Predicts $1 Million!)

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