Kurt Wuckert Jr’s ideas on the 15th November Bitcoin Cash Upgrade

A observe as much as “Roger Ver’s Thoughts on 15th November Bitcoin Cash Upgrade”

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is scheduled for it’s bi-annual community improve, however for the primary time, it will likely be contentious, inflicting chaos. The message is a name for management, peace and closure after explaining precisely what’s on the chess board.

Kurt explains:

The main implementations: Bitcoin ABC, Bitcoin Unlimited and Bitcoin SV.
The main miners: Bitmain,, CoinGeek, SVPool, and their respective allies.
The main gamers: Amaury Sechet, Roger Ver, Jihan Wu, Calvin Ayre and Craig S Wright.

Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin ABC have fashioned coalitions and there will probably be “hash war” to determine the BCH chain through “Nakamoto Consensus” between forks. One will probably be orphaned, and the opposite will probably be Bitcoin Cash, however there are lengthy implications to all potential outcomes that may echo throughout to different blockchains. In truth, there’s a risk that this might be the start of Operation DragonSlayer.

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  1. Excellent summary! I tend to agree with everything you say and shall pass the video on. The patents may be necessary to keep others from acquiring the patents and preventing the inventor from using his own invention. It has happened in the past..

  2. Very nice presentation. Best explanation available. But I don’t share the same optimistic view of a peaceful outcome. This will not end well and this will not be the last dispute of this type in crypto. Whether in boardrooms or politics there’s always disagreements about future direction of anything, but one group being able to make threats and (ability) to follow through on them is disturbing…

  3. it appears Craig may finally get access to satoshis 1mio BTC private keys in 2019 or 2020, as these – under contract with Dave Kleimann – may be managed by a trust in the seychelles and were to be given to craig in the next years. craig is also indicating that on twitter, without going into any detail. If that was the case, and he dumps his 1 mio btc into the market to push BCH he will achieve both, proofing he is satoshi, completely changing sentiment re his personality, along with price, sentiment and incentives to mine BCH. perfect war strategy. BCH to the win!

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  5. The reason why your cult is a disaster is because it's lead by individuals who want to own the space, they have no respect, and no real understanding or vision (love the satoshis vision branding, another priceless marketing strat which implies that everything else is against Satoshi's wishes, food for birds and hype) of what the future actually looks like for cryptocurrency, you just want to scream real world adoption so all the impatient wannabe-rich hoddling moonboys hop into your ponzy. So now, I take out the popcorn while the shitboys and their shitcoins play tug-o-war. One hand in the buttery goodness, while the other hand lands a killer short on your shitcoin (only actual purpose).

    That presentation was terrible, I would have rather read it myself, probably would have stopped after the first paragraph. Lacked direction and actual clear purpose, used vocabulary in place of any real meaning and substance. A moonboy would be so confused by anything you said, it would actually entice his hype to go buy some BCH. Heard those sheep, g. The worst part about it, is I actually spent 2 minutes commenting on this.

  6. Dude. I have seen or heard of Operation Dragonslayer for soooooo long. Imagine returning to original version. 😎
    According to CSW bitcoin is capitalist. Capitalism is not evil. It is good and necessary for learning/growth.

  7. I started looking into bitcoin and Blockchain in Spring 2017. I could see there was an attempt by Blockstream to corrupt the vision of scaling on chain. I’ve invested in other things but I can see, once again that Craig Wright knows what he’s talking about. As the network scales it will be the foundation for virtually all internet transactions. This is a contrarian play, I know. But BCH SV will win, and continue Satoshi’s vision. It’s cash and more…

  8. All depends on the fact, if the BCH protocol can scale to 128MB or more with the actual software architecture. If so, fine and BCH SV go for it, but if not, then hang on and think. The stress-test how i understood says no, it was not even reached 30 MB, all bigger block sizes didnt work accurate. So if this is true, what sense make it to raise the blocksize to 128MB, if its not working accurate ??? So if you want to have a world money, wich all the BCH comunity wants, this scaling problem has to be fixed, before raising the blocksize to 128MB. Craig Wright is a sales man and wants to sell BCH to big buisness. Thats fine, but if the product then is not working accurate, he will shit on BCH and BCH will not have a second chance to enter big buisness. On the other hand, now BCH is not filling even 1MB and this hasty and emotional hardfork is stupid and harms BCH. So ask yourself, can the protocol how it is now scale more than 32 MB ? Are the results of the stress-test correct or was this a lie ? if it was correct, it would be economicly stupid to raise the blocksize to 128MB without solving the problem in the protocol. Only worshipping the Satoshi Whitepaper is not helpfull. Worshipping without thinking is slave mentality.

  9. Kurt, Good video! I do believe that it is key to look at the characters behind the implementations and as such ABC has much better people driving it compared to SV. That is a huge aspect of it. Eventually problems aren't technical but always people-based… Again that is why ABC is the better implementation.

  10. Very well said.

    People might not like Craig, but he is right. Personally, I like the guy, but i'm an asshole like he is 😂
    Lock down the protocol and let businesses build on something stable. BITCOIN IS NOT A SCIENCE PROJECT!

    The patents are an art of war play too, I don't think people realize the power of having patent protected tech on BCH that Bcore can't use.

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