KIK SEC Shut Down, Binance + Tezos, Crypto Stock Exchange & Bearish Bitcoin Price Prediction

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  1. Finally someone actually understands that there is a big difference between buying at say $10k or just $8k. A lot of people keep saying that well when BTC hits say $200k that $2k buy price difference is insignificant. But the truth is if you bought at $10k then when the price is at $200k it will mean a 20 fold increase. But at $8k buy price that would mean 25 fold increase! Imagine a rich guy buying say $10M, that difference is an extra $50M! Imagine if it were $100M….thats $500M difference!

  2. There is so much going on behind the scenes, and many don't see that crypto is pushed down like a spring the moment it gets released it will rocket up and catch many by surprise. People need to read and understand instead listening to the crap media puts out.

  3. I love how people say "this is the biggest opportunity of our lifetime, don't miss out"

    Then their next sentence

    "But don't just throw all your money into it, only maybe invest 2% of your portfolio in it"

    Dude if you think Bitcoin is going to be the biggest thing in your lifetime it doesn't make sense to only invest 2% does it?

    So which is it, because you're not making sense

  4. KIK were playing with fire by taking on the SEC. Projects like QNT, LIT, and MITX are doing it the right way by gaining governmental approval and commercial adoption. Check out the Medini smat city project in Malaysia!!!

  5. Look here! The Bakkt exchange slow start is done purposely to suppress the price as much as possible! Through history any new exchange needs to offer there customers a product at desirable prices BAKKT Is no different. This is corrupt munipulation at it's finest! Take care my friend. I hope you understand $6500 should be close to the bottom then the ride of goes crazy 😀

  6. Just because "rich people" see the potential of BTC, doesn't mean that it's not for "the impoverished." Bitcoin is about equal opportunity and despite Tether, hard forks, Chinese miners (lol) and so on, it has delivered on this promise! The blockchain never discriminated against anybody. Not once! We all can make choices. Contrary to popular belief BTC is not out of reach for poor people. They just think it's too expensive and prefer to get their hands on as many PoopCoins as they can dig up! I'm not worried about poor people; I'm more worried about dumb people.

  7. We are two weeks into the Epic Banking Collapse of the 21st Century. I hope you do not have your wealth in a bank, but rather in something that will be worth something after this collapse. BTC will reach $100,000, and blow past it, and past $1,000,000, and on. There are about 6-20 Quadrillion dollars that has to go somewhere.

  8. I find it curious that we, the community, have been clamoring for "regulation" or some sort of legal roadmap for crypto. Part of regulation is enforcement. I don't know about your previous experience with KiK, but it was a shit-show. You only used it if you were 15 or some mark about to get took by a scammer. Don't you find it curious that they're going out of business after the SEC halts their crypto-ambitions? My take… they were broke. An ICO was a quick way to funds and the SEC called them out. I don't think this is actually that bad… or really bad at all.

  9. Yep TMI I was waiting for it when you say that you are selling your KIN. I sold mine on the last run up before token swap and SEC and I am happy now. That's why people should only buy bitcoin unless they like to gamble. KIN is DEAD.

  10. Regardless of what's going on behind the scenes, the longer the BTC prices stay low the more the average person can hodl before the prices get crazy. The majority of the population is over 40 and if someone has even heard of Bitcoin it's at best technical mumbo jumbo to them. Its difficult for people to understand and there's a very high degree of risk investing in it. As much as we like to bash Libra, they'll at least be successful at educating 100's of millions of people about digital assets.
    And thanks for the indirect shout out 🙂

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