Kava Crypto Review: Really Worth It??

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? Time Stamps ?

1:14 Introduction
2:34 How the Process Works
4:40 Kava Consensus & Tendermint
6:24 Binance IEO & Token Dynamics
7:50 Staking on Kava
8:58 Kava vs. MakerDAO
10:14 Team & Development
11:30 KAVA Markets & Wallets
12:17 Conclusion


?? ? Helpful Links ? ??

? Website: https://www.kava.io/
? Whitepaper: https://docsend.com/view/gwbwpc3
? Research Report: https://research.binance.com/projects/kava
? GitHub: https://github.com/kava-labs
? Tendermint Docs: https://tendermint.com/
? Kava Staking Guide: https://medium.com/kava-labs/kava-staking-guide-4894b8452ab3


?? Socials ?

? Official Blog: https://medium.com/kava-labs
? Twitter: https://twitter.com/kava_labs
? Telegram: https://t.me/kavalabs


? Project Overview ?

Kava is a challenge that provides its customers collateralized decentralised loans.

Kava needs to be the de-facto decentralized finance platform. It plans to do that by offering customers a lending platform that’s suitable with a number of crypto belongings, together with BTC, Atom, BNB, and XRP

?? Technology ??

Kava was constructed on the Cosmos Network and as such it makes use of the Tendermint core consensus methodology.

Tendermint makes use of a Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance, or PBFT, consensus mechanism for proof of stake tokens.

Through the usage of this PBFT protocol, the Kava community can assign new block era randomly by validators utilizing a multi-round voting course of.

The proposed block is then confirmed and accomplished by a supermajority of validators on the community.

?? Token ?

Kava’s authentic token sale happened on Binance and adopted a lottery and airdrop format.

Of the 100 million tokens within the preliminary provide, about 6 million of these went to lottery ticket winners, leaving simply over 300 thousand tokens within the airdrop pool for non-ticket winners.

Given that this was as a Binance preliminary change providing, the token was initially issued on the Binance Chain as a Bep-2 token. However, in November of 2019 the mainnet was launched on the Cosmos community and it moved away from the Bep-2 commonplace.

KAVA is a Proof of Stake token. You can earn between 3% and 20% APR, relying on how a lot is staked within the community. Less staking means greater rewards to encourage staking and vice versa.

There are each inflationary and deflationary forces at Kava. Deflation comes from the burning of CDP stability charges. Inflation comes from the block rewards in addition to the “lender of last resort”.

???? Team, Partners & Development ???

The firm behind Kava is Kava labs and the CEO of it’s Brian Kerr.

He has entrepreneurial background and he has additionally been on the advisory board of different crypto and blockchain tasks. Other members of the management workforce are consultants of their area and supply comparatively well-rounded expertise to the workforce.

There are additionally advisors on the challenge which have come from tasks resembling Cosmos and Tendermint.

For improvement, you had the latest mainnet launch which supported validation, staking, and Kava buying and selling.

Kava’s roadmap has an enormous yr forward for 2020. In the primary half of the yr they plan to launch the general public testnet 4000 with a beta CDP system, then develop cross-chain belongings in CDP on the principle web.

? Trading & Wallets ?

There is proscribed change help for the KAVA token. This means that you’ve got comparatively restricted liquidity once you need to purchase or promote the token. This additionally makes value discovery fairly onerous.

The finest change for purchasing & staking Kava for the time being is Binance. For storage, you need to use any pockets that helps Cosmos ATOM.


? Disclaimer ?

The info contained herein is for informational functions solely. Nothing herein shall be construed to be monetary authorized or tax recommendation. The content material of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is just not a licensed monetary advisor or registered funding advisor. Trading Forex, cryptocurrencies and CFDs poses appreciable danger of loss. The speaker doesn’t assure any explicit consequence.

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  1. I'll say it again, one of the best YT channels that break down projects in clean and simple terms. Keep it up, Guy. Also – wishlist reviews for me are DAG, SNX, and RSV

  2. Very good review, thanks for sharing! I think Kava's superior competitor is Thorchain ($RUNE) which will be not less than a cross chain Uniswap which means you can stake XRP or BCH by adding these coins to the liquidity pool. IF the team can deliver Thorchain will be a gigantic coin. But it will not be easy. Another DeFi coin you might be interested is Pegnet. According to $PEG supporters this project combines the potential of MKR and SNX and will be a serious competitor, but as far as I could research there are still a few problems to solve by the developers. I would be very curious about your opinion on these low cap projects as wells as I would be interested in a review by $LINK's smallcap competitors BAND and Tellor ($TRB). Thanks, Picco

  3. Great projects worthy of review: Quant, RUNE, SNX, Seele, Aergo, Oneledger, Morpheus Labs , DAG, Fantom, Perlin, Pchain, QRL, Nexus, ANT, ERD. You might have some, I still have to watch a lot of your videos, since I recently subscribed… I do have more.. ty.

  4. OK, let's see what happened…supposedly. They held a one-day fund-raising totaling $3MM. Not bad. They are a Deleware corporation with a Massachusetts foreign registry corporation. They have a Boston office, not sure, but say they are in San Francisco, CA. No registration whatsoever in CA. NONE! Raising funds without SEC approval of some sort, even if they did not allow US citizens to purchase, but they are a US company. Did they get permission to continue with the ICO with the SEC? Not sure, but probably not. Who are these guys?

  5. Kava and DeFi are gonna be huge! There are tons of info about Kava just poke into GitHub Binance and MXC are the 2 exchanges now, but many big are about to come!
    Thanks for let me learn more about Kava! Can’t wait to see first CDP releases! DeFI for Crypto!

  6. Guy, in your opinion, which is the coin that has the best interoperability?
    I am firmly of the belief that the utility of interoperability is going to be a major factor within the crypto space in the coming years.
    As matters currently stand, I feel that XRP is probably best placed in terms of facilitating financial institutions to make transfers, even if they are all using their own different ledgers.
    While for everything that is not financially related, there is ICON, Cardano and ATOM which are all competing with each other for roughly the same concept and I feel that whoever gets their project fully up and running first with decent corporate adoption will win the game.
    Any thoughts?

  7. Kava at a dollar could be a life changing investment
    I can at least see a 500m market cap for kava but may take awhile
    If defi creates the next massive move in crypto than kava should do well

  8. Maker is defi right now and is leading the charge but does need to up its game from just the erc20 pocket , IF kava puts together a multi token defi platform then I can see kava taking there fair share of the maker market.
    As a investment I can see bigger gains coming from kava but maker will push defi into a global phenomenon
    I enjoyed your Video
    Short sweet and very informative 👍

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