Josiah Spackman Talks Digibyte Odocrypt Mining, Dandelion Privacy, Digi Assets & Digi ID #Podcast 51

In this Podcast we’ve got a tremendous discuss with Josiah Spackman about all of the unimaginable issues Digibyte has and is reaching.

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Josiah Spackman Talks Digibyte Odocrypt Mining, Dandelion Privacy, Digi Assets & Digi ID #Podcast 51

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  1. can someone on youtube talk about Tates statement on the suppression of DGB from Coinbase and Binanace. why is nobody touching crypto Lark, crypto zombie no one is talking about it. Another thing…why , if Andreas is so well versed in Bitcoin not see or speak of DGB. DGB is ahead of the flock. so, let's talk about it. I see it like the others in crypto world see it as a BIG threat to all coins. So why speak of it. Even Charles from Cardano. I man I respect and acts like he really is concerned about the well being of the crypto space can clearly see that DGB is amazing but, yet no talk of it…hmmm…No love for DGB.

  2. What I don't understand: Using FPGAs is to fight the big ASICS's farms. What prevents them to buying millions of FPGA since they are so cheap and energy efficient? If I buy a few FPGA to mine DGB, I will be competing with millions since the cost of entry is much cheaper than a GPU. If I had that problem with a 1000usb GPU, I'd guess I would have a much bigger problem with FPGA.
    I think FPGAs will become obsolete very very quickly.

    Another thing is: When people start using digiID and other dgb assets, will they pay ( in dgb) ? Will they have to purchase dgb to use them? Because if not, it's not really creating a real use of digibyte. I get they will have to use dgb blockchain, but they will not need to buy or own digibyte? In other words, will these projects create a demand in the coin that will make the price go up, or is it like Ripple that banks don't need xrp to use the network?

    Please enlighten me. Thanks

  3. maaannn I love Josiahs chair !!!! so cool so comfortable!!! VW bucket seat

    Digibyte Wallet Address : DH4TXKLRMjeWw96vNymigv7qVqD8hLKttv

  4. Thanks for the digibyte interview. I admire digibytes patients. Our society is all about 0-100. Keep an eye on projects that's willing to take it slow.

  5. i thought i was done with DGB, but the more i think about what I want to fill or a new position to open, I think I'm gonna keep pumping DGB. Its 0.01$… Im gonna keep buying each month. This might be our chance to get those huge gains we missed by not being in crypto to pre-2017

  6. Always like your discussions pertaining to DigiByte!!! I agree….I'm picking up more DGB if it does tank. I know that DGB is going to be huge "The Future". That's why I have some ADA & DOGE, because I'll offload some of them when they are 10x, but I'm not unloading any DGB….well… maybe when it's 10,000x.

  7. Great video! Tons of great info. DGB to the moon 🌚!! I’m gonna FOMO right now on some more DGB!! Balls deep

  8. What happens to Doge if someone like Jared Tate and the Digibyte team took over the project and made it functional?

  9. good job guys, jepp you are correct, Josiah is one of the best representatives in this space and I´m glad he is with DGB

  10. Doge offers the second largest amount of wallets in crytpo next to BTC. That means more people hold Doge than almost any other coin…….. Is that value?

  11. Another great interview guys! I'm stoked about DIGI-ID cause passwords are a pain the ass…. Now I'm more interested in mining DGB just for the learning experience. Perhaps next time you can ask Josiah about ILCoin claim to be "Quantum Resistant" and is DGB working on anything similar to that?

  12. Any one mentioning 8x hacked & still broke VergeTurd cannot be taken seriously
    Of all security privacy tech why talk about anything related to drug convicted leeches sucking off the DGB community unless you're working both sides of the fence

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