Is BITCOIN Destined To Reach 1 MILLION In 2021? When To STOP Dollar-Cost-Average? Price Prediction.

CoinFund’s Head of Investments says that BITCOIN WILL REACH 1 MILLION in 2021. Here’s the place I disagree…PLUS My BTC Price prediction and the precise value level I’m stopping DCA (Dollar-Cost-Average)

0:00 – Market Recap | Topics Overview

5:07 – Is BITCOIN Destined To Reach 1 MILLION in 2021? CoinFund Says YES! (I say nope).

11:52 – My BITCOIN Price Prediction + My Price Point To STOP Dollar-Cost-Average Buying.


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Is BITCOIN Destined To Reach 1 MILLION In 2021? When To STOP Dollar-Cost-Average? Price Prediction.

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  1. SCAM ALERT! I do NOT recommend any investors or IG (Instagram) personalities or WhatsApp phone number financial gurus!! There are impersonators out there so BE AWARE!!!! These pieces of trash WILL ALSO Impersonate OTHER YOUTUBERS!! IT’S ALL A SCAM!!! Also, be wary of ANY emails from DanDigitalAssetNEW @ gmail.com. Mine has an "S" for NEWS….

  2. l recommended a professional broker to you guys sometime ago, can I get person who invested with her
    comment below
    let's gooooo

  3. Love this vid. But you also need to consider:
    Gold will go up substantially in years to come. IF Gold goes to 5k an ounce, that's 26-27T. So seeing BTC at .5 to .75 of Golds would make sense. Can't calculate BTCs future Market cap while keeping Golds static. Keep up the great work.

  4. Wait, does he mean stop DCA after it goes up to 6 digits then come back to 30,000 or he means in the near future when it passes 30,000??? (Might be a dumb question but plz someone answer bcus all I ever do is DCA lol)

  5. A 1 million dollar bitcoin would me approximately a 20 TRILLION market cap. Unlikely to happen this cycle. I tend to fall in line with the Guggenheim people thinking that it’s market cap will mirror gold at 9 trillion giving us a $400k to $450k bitcoin before experiencing a larger sell off and finding our floor at $100k to $250k. Next cycle though….in 3 years, yes bitcoin will be in the millions

  6. this was quality content! i liked your analysis of past performance and comparing the predictions today from top hedge fund managers etc., to what was predicted in the past. The market is a bit different today because we are in the middle of a pandemic and institutional money, but like you also said, I do believe a lot of it is emotion.

  7. I WILL be upset if BTC goes to 6 digits before I can at least mine a whole one… I might have to start buying BTC every check instead of throwing it all at my debt… That I acquired building 2 miners.

  8. Nah if you need that many… trillions. It will be the government phase. Small governments seem to be in it. But when the big boys
    Jump in heavy I can see those prices. But that will be the next phase after they realize they can’t stop it through legislation. But they will try.

  9. With all these bull news I just have one question

    Who the fuck is selling bitcoin 😮( pardon my language )

    Why not just Hodl the next 5 years

    Of course I feel sorry for people that NEED to sell because of the financial circumstances😥

  10. Bitcoin is nothing. Literally.
    How can it be actually worth anything.
    Don't be surprised when the bubble pops and big players take their profit

  11. So many armchair financial advisors in the comment section.

    Cryptocurrency can make u rich or make u broke.

    I watched the pump and dumps in 2018.
    Looks like a classic ponzi scheme to me

  12. The whales work with the exchanges to buy a few hundred million $ in bitcoin to hold the price steady while they are buying. It was in the news that Saylor worked with Coinbase! All the whales are doing this of course. It keeps the price down. Almost all the regular people I talk to are actually afraid to put money in bitcoin. Retail investors have lost billions. The price will only rise slowly, if it starts to spike up, whales will take profits and wait for the next pullback. I just hodl. Not sure what I will do when it reaches a high price, probably buy hard assets for my kids.

  13. I still don't understand why taking profits makes sense if you're still investing? It's confused me a bit. I would have thought it's important to take into account the latest news, to alter strategy accordingly… Or what's the point in digital asset news?

  14. The DCA part was great, makes me think it is maybe easier to estimate the new top of the next bull run by date than by value of BTC.

  15. Than was different because you did not have all institutions investing and not a lot people believed in BC so i don’t think that poll back would be that dramatic. Just my opinion.

  16. I am bull for BC but I am not to optimistic about those predictions but if it even hit $50k to $100k I will be happy. If hits $250 or more I will more than happy.

  17. well lets See… $1.00 Is Now Worth About $0.05 Now… And I Do NOT See It Coming Back Any Time Soon Hmmm, It Does Not Bounce, Much, I Think I'll Stick With BTC Until Further Notice…

  18. Problem with calculating future behavior of BTC is assuming that past history is a predictor. That would point to logarithmic progression, but environment changes, so is. behavior

  19. My gosh and thank goodness you're back Rob aka DAN. I almost make believe fell out my chair yesterday, not to take anything way from the other dude and glad he could sub for you. As for BTC I was totally geeked when it 1st hit 10K and not matter how high it goes it's always favorable to the crypto space. Thanks for everything Rob/DAN.

  20. I have always been the one to do my research on companies and consider myself pretty cautious so when I decided to do business with Celcius I thought I was in good hands. I have only deposited coins into their platform and have never requested coins off in large amounts however after this last run up I wanted to take profit.

    I have been trying to get my funds out of Celcius for almost 2 weeks now! I have contacted support and they keep giving me the run around. At this point I am starting to think Celcius is in some trouble and they are becoming insolvent or something because I’ve been hearing more and more bad reviews about them lately.

    Does anyone have a good point of contact there or have a phone number to call as I have requested to speak with a manager but it gets me nowhere over email. I am very worried because its six figures and I have nowhere else to turn other than the internet.

  21. I love this video. I love your sticking to your plan.
    That said, all of the FOMO plus institutional is a bit of a change and it is reducing corrections. This makes it easy to accept the big targets.

  22. With all the money flowing into BTC now thru central banks, they will be the deciding factor in next dip. Throw out old models. Even trends need to be reevaluated.
    Its kinda like trying to analyze Gold and Silver now. Impossible with all central bank behavior.

  23. I'm a mere financial mortal and was able to get into crypto a hell of a lot easier than I could have gotten into any other type of market.

  24. First of all, picking up winner by scrolling is such a stupid idea I can't believe you're serious. There are numerous platforms that let you choose random comment on any video. This means if you comment first or last you have literally ZERO chance to win.
    Second, how can you verify that person who is claiming to made that comment is actually him? Anyone can choose any name, like you wouldn't know with all those scammers…. just my two cents

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